Sumadhura Group unveils new logo and tagline- "Foundation of Happiness"

The new identity reflects Sumadhura's growth, resonates with target markets, and strengthens its competitive position.

Sumadhura Group, a Southern India based real estate developer with a 30-year legacy, announced a new logo and tagline "Foundation of Happiness". This new identity reflects the contemporary image that aligns with Sumadhura’s current growth, resonates with the target markets, and strengthens the group’s position in the competitive landscape.

As a dynamic and innovative group, Sumadhura has continuously evolved its offerings to meet the changing customer landscape and expectations. The core focus has been to connect with the aspirational lifestyles and global influences that today's real estate fraternity is witnessing.

“Foundation of Happiness” is practically the personification of collective confidence that Sumadhura has earned through decades of experience and points to a deepened commitment not only to its customers but also to its employees and stakeholders.

On the occasion CMD, Madhusudan said, “Sumadhura’s journey has been one of continuous evolution keeping pace with the discerning taste of the customer. The new brand identity marks a significant milestone synonymous with the new aspirational lifestyle and global standards.The tagline, ‘Foundation of Happiness’ emphasizes our commitment to crafting not just homes, but to provide exceptional and diverse living experiences. As we move into various segments adding newer offerings to our portfolio, bringing global trends and aesthetics in to our diverse spaces is key.

Throwing light on the intricacies of the logo, director, sales and marketing, Sumadhura group, Srinivas Moramchetty said, “The new logo and tagline seamlessly blends sophistication and global aesthetics. The clean, minimalist font with its elegant lines and curves exudes a sense of refinement and modernity. As Sumadhura embarks on an ambitious growth trajectory, this elegant and classy design reflects our commitment to excellence."

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