Supr Daily's field workforce stays out, so you can stay home safe

Supr Daily, a daily grocery delivery service, is continuing to serve its customers, on a daily basis, despite surge in orders, thanks to the strong workforce. Its delivery executives are working twice the number of hours, while the warehouse staff works tirelessly, understanding their responsibilities towards over 3 lakh families who are relying on them during these trying times. The Customer Care executives are vigorously responding to customer calls and live chats anticipating the pressing nature of enquires in the current situation.

Supr Daily gives customers the convenience to order by 11 pm for delivery by 7 am the next morning, with no minimum order. However, with the on-going crisis, Supr Daily has extended its delivery time till 9 am.

“We are grateful to the backbone of our fulfilment network – our delivery executives, warehouse staff and customer care executives. Their customer-oriented outlook and willingness to elevate their efforts to keep numerous households running as usual amid the COVID-19 crisis is truly inspiring. For us, our field staff across the network are the real Supr Heroes”, said Puneet Kumar, Founder & CEO, Supr Daily

Supr Daily’s delivery associates recognize the need to offer a safe and reliable delivery experience to the customers, now more than ever. They are stepping up in numbers to ensure that families do not suffer due to lack of grocery supplies while practicing social distancing, as indicated by the government.

“Our customers need us today more than ever. If we don’t deliver, they will have to go out to buy groceries and stores are crowded. All of us are working hard to ensure orders are delivered so customers have the groceries they require “, said Deepak Chaurasiya, a delivery partner.

Supr Daily’s customers are delighted by the resilience and ownership displayed by the delivery associates to ensure that their daily requirements are met with ease. According to Vidhu Swarup, a Supr Daily customer “I thank the entire Supr Daily team, especially the delivery staff, for their selfless effort in ensuring our daily needs are met”,

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, Supr Daily has shared a detailed health advisory with all their delivery partners to ensure that their safety is not compromised in any way.

(We got this information in a press release.)