Tata Wiron reinforces its commitment to build a better tomorrow with #UmeedKiLau

Brands new digital film titled #UmeedKiLau celebrate the love and light in our souls.

Lockdowns and social distancing norms may have changed the way we celebrate, but it has not dampened our spirits. This Diwali, Tata Wiron reaffirms its commitment to help strengthen, resolve and celebrate the hope of a brighter tomorrow. A digital film titled #UmeedKiLau has been released to spread the message of recognizing that together we can work to make tomorrow better & stronger.

Together we can work to make tomorrow brighter & stronger tomorrow. The flicker of this dream, the spark of this hope -...

Posted by Tata Wiron on Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Conceptualised by Tata Wiron’s digital agency partner YellowBulbs and produced by the digital studio Fickle Formula - the film showcases the similarities between the diya and the resilience of human spirit. That film emphasizes that no matter how bleak today looks there’s always something that can be done to light our ways to a brighter future. While we proceed to realize our collective belief and might, the flicker of this dream, the spark of this hope - all starts with us as individuals, the light in our souls. The lyrics are written by Aparna Priyadarshini and the film has been directed by Suman Sen.

“Our products enable resilience & strength in structures & ecosystems and eventually people. Our brand stands for that spirit and celebrates that. We believe, we have what it takes to fight the darkness around and also light up our surroundings, and that’s proven in the way our immediate ecosystem and the world at large have responded to the pandemic. The film essentially captures that.” Anurag Pandey, EIC-designate, Global Wires India, Tata Steel.

“This film is made keeping the present mood in mind. The mood of cautious optimism. We have as a community shown strong resolve and commitment to each other and have shown the inner strength and flame that keeps us going to do things that are needed by the family, community and the country. This film is an ode to that effort. Through the story of the diya we have tried to capture our own spirit that stays alive through these tough times.”, says Vivek Modi, Co-Founder and CEO of YellowBulbs.

When asked about the mood of the film, Suman Sen, Co-Founder, Fickle Formula, said: “Diya is perhaps the most ubiquitous representation of Diwali. It represents happiness, festivities, togetherness, and captures the single most significant aspect of life - hope. Our idea is to draw parallels between Diya and the resilience of the human spirit. While darkness threatens to engulf and swallow most aspects of our lives, rather than looking for a miracle outside, let's realize the individual impact that each of us can have in the lives of people around us. The narrative explores the voice of a woman - that explores a different definition of strength - found in kindness, warmth, empathy, and the spirit to survive despite all odds."


Director: Suman Sen

Producers: Vivek Modi & Suman Sen

Words: Aparna Priyadarshini

Music: Mayukh Moinak

Strings: Tapas Roy

Vocal: Isheeta Chakravarty

Illustration & Animation: Sounak Baidya

Sound Design & Mixing: Prathamesh Dudhane

Project Head: Labani Biswas

(We got this information in a press release).

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