Teads and Ipsos partner on Global AI-Driven analysis

Teads, the platform that means business, today announced the groundbreaking results of its collaborative research with Ipsos, which focused on unraveling the key creative elements that ignite the engine of success in the omnichannel automotive campaign landscape. By leveraging Ipsos' cutting-edge AI capabilities and advanced statistical modeling techniques, Teads gained profound insights that will revolutionize the way automotive advertisements are crafted and optimized for maximum impact.

In its pursuit of unlocking the secrets to success, Teads carefully curated a vast collection of 500 videos spanning from 2019 to 2022, representing 18 different automotive brands across 23 countries. This comprehensive assortment embraced a wide array of video formats, spanning the entire spectrum of the digital marketing funnel. Within this collection, certain videos underwent meticulous cutting-edge optimization by Teads Studio, while others served as pivotal benchmarks, allowing for discovery into the profound impact of these enhancements.

Teads and Ipsos aimed to cast a wider net and gain a comprehensive understanding of the strategies employed within the automotive industry as a whole. By immersing in various successes and shortcomings, Teads was able to extract invaluable insights that inspired its own optimization endeavors.

To provide Ipsos with a holistic view, Teads shared a carefully curated selection of key performance indicators (KPIs) and corresponding percentages of in-view time. Leveraging their expertise, Ipsos employed artificial intelligence algorithms to cluster and organize the data, revealing hidden patterns and trends.

The culmination of this research lies in the identification, categorization, and quantification of the key elements present in successful omnichannel automotive campaigns. Statistical analysis, utilizing the innovative Shapley values technique derived from game theory, was employed to establish the influence of each visual characteristic on the output, specifically the in-view time. This step connected all the information, shedding light on the significant factors that contribute to campaign success.

Collaborating closely with Ipsos, Teads conducted a meticulous manual review of sample videos, delving deep into the insights conveyed by the data points. This qualitative analysis allowed for the translation of raw information into actionable findings, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries.

From this comprehensive research, Teads and Ipsos are thrilled to present some of the top insights that hold the greatest significance for crafting engaging automotive advertisements:

Beyond the Vehicle: Videos that focus less on the vehicle, and instead integrate it into a larger storyline, tend to have higher in-view times.

Revealing the Interior: Showcasing interior features can be as engaging as telling a complete story, particularly in consideration-focused ads.

Brand Clarity: Prominently featuring the brand logo and name captures audience attention and provides a strong hook.

Wide and Simple Perspectives: Wide shots that convey a sense of freedom and movement tend to engage viewers. Additionally, videos with fewer scenes tend to have higher in-view times, as they require less cognitive effort to comprehend.

Color Contrasts: Chromatic contrasts, such as blue and orange, make videos more appealing and increase in-view time. Dark-colored videos have lower in-view time due to lack of contrast, but adding a lighter element can make a significant impact.

Henner Blömer VP Global Client Partnerships: “Creativity is the crucial component of successful digital car campaigns. In previous Teads research, we found significantly higher levels of attention (+49%) and brand lift (+31%) with creatively optimized campaigns. In order to provide clients and agencies with further insights into the optimal design of advertising media, we have collaborated with IPSOS to develop best practice to significantly increase the view time of campaigns.“

Jessica Sleep, Brand Communications and Social Media Manager, MINI said: “There have been some great insights presented as a result of this study, particularly around the use of people, colour contrasts and text. We’ve implemented Teads’ recommendations in our upcoming campaigns and I look forward to seeing the results!”

(We got this information in a press release).

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