Teads expands exclusive global partnership with LG Ad Solutions for CTV native inventory in India

The partnership allows Teads to reach larger audiences and deliver creatives across all screens, furthering its presence.

Teads, the global media platform, announced an expanded global partnership with LG Ad Solutions, a player in connected TV (CTV) and cross-screen advertising, on exclusive CTV native advertising inventory in Australia, New Zealand, and across 10 Asia Pacific countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan. 

These territories extend Teads’ current footprint on LG Smart TVs in France and Belgium. Now the sole partner for the first touch point on LG TVs in these regions, Teads is furthering quality advertiser reach on the largest screen in consumers’ homes. 

Bertrand Quesada, co-founder and co-CEO, Teads said, “Our expanded partnership with LG Ad Solutions enables brands and agency partners to extend exceptional creative across all screens and further their storytelling with vast audiences. In just less than a year, we’ve already seen tremendous success in France and Belgium, as they embrace CTV native advertising to leverage omnichannel strategies. We look forward to our elevated relationship as we deepen our CTV presence globally with a world-class leader.”

According to the release, in France, Teads partnered with Danone to launch their first CTV campaign as an Olympic Games sponsor, utilising LG Ad Solutions’ exclusive, high-impact CTV Native format. This omnichannel approach, augmented by Teads Studio and refined with contextual and retail data, reached audiences across various devices, ensuring the brand's presence in an ultra-premium, brand-safe environment.

Thibaud Rivals, lead media manager at Danone in Paris, shared, "The strategy deployed by Teads enabled us to respond to the challenges of media fragmentation and the new uses of our audiences. We were delighted to have been one of the first companies to test this new CTV screen, through the partnership between Teads and LG Ad Solutions.”

Teads and LG Ad Solutions’ exclusive deal across the globe supplements existing partnerships in Central and Eastern Europe on LG Smart TVs. The broader footprint allows advertisers to benefit from the targeting capabilities of LG Ad Solutions' Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology. The ad integration and targeting accuracy promote relevant experiences for viewers and optimise media performance for advertisers.

Serge Matta, president of Global Ad Sales said, “As Smart TVs are increasingly becoming the central device of the household around the world, we are thrilled to expand our exclusive partnership with Teads in these new regions. We’re eager to further elevate our direct-to-glass strategy and shared mission in partnering with brands to deliver incremental audiences.” 

Brands can now benefit from LG Ad Solutions’ ACR data in these regions, allowing them to understand the viewing behaviours of LG TV users via visual and audio recognition tools in a fully privacy-compliant manner.

Teads will be able to target specific audiences based on the type of TV consumption (linear/streaming), content and ad exposures, and other relevant viewership data on LG smart TVs.

LG Ad Solutions' advertising formats create a bridge between linear TV and OTT content consumption on the largest screen in the home, providing prominent brand placement, interactive ad formats, and direct access to advertised content and products.

Teads works closely with partners such as Kantar and Cint (Lucid) to conduct comprehensive and reliable measurement solutions. This provides clients with robust insights and performance metrics, enabling them to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns and make informed strategic decisions. 

This partnership with LG Ad Solutions not only opens doors to new CTV audiences by expanding access to Teads' premium inventory but also allows brands to leverage Teads’ holistic omnichannel targeting strategy to ensure precision targeting and impactful campaigns across screens.

Combined with tailored ad formats that further amplify brand storytelling, Teads is empowering brands to cut through the clutter and captivate viewers on the biggest screen, thereby maximising engagement and driving measurable results in the ever-evolving digital advertising landscape.

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