TFG & Deepak Chahar hit a six in fantasy cricket; roll out IPL campaign with equalz

TFG & Deepak Chahar hit a six in fantasy cricket; roll out IPL campaign with equalz.

TFG (Trade Fantasy Game), a fantasy cricket app, was recently launched by Jaya Chahar, wife of Indian cricketer Deepak Chahar. Deepak is not only the Brand Ambassador for TFG but also its Co-Founder and the gaming app is here to delight the fans of fantasy cricket with massive entertainment. This is also seen in TFG’s IPL campaign, conceptualized by equalz, a Pune-based digital content agency, a venture of Setu Advertising. With the “Tukka Nahi Chakka Maaro!” campaign, TFG is ready to make India’s cricket festival a bigger celebration.

“While Deepak’s entire life has revolved around cricket, I’ve worked extensively in building online consumer businesses. So, it was a straightforward decision for us to look at an entrepreneurial venture where we both could contribute together”, says Jaya Chahar, CEO, JCDC Ventures. “In recent times, the craze for fantasy cricket in India has gone through the roof with platforms coming up everywhere. In all of this, we wanted TFG to simplify things for the users. We have achieved this through a faster & simpler team creation format powered by a premium and intuitive UI/UX that will instill a sense of deeper association among the fans with their favorite sports stars, giving a platform for their fandom”, she added.

All of this comes with unique inclusions like 6-a-side team, wildcard feature, digital collectible cards that level up as you play, which makes sure that TFG has a lot going for it. The app is available on both iOS & Android and is showing continuous growth.

“Our pre-launch campaign Swag Wala Six, featuring Deepak and conceptualized by equalz, got an excellent response and we’re excited about the opportunities that IPL brings with it”, Jaya Chahar added.

Rugwed Deshpande, Director, equalz, shared his thoughts about fantasy gaming as a category and working on the account. “India loves its cricket and we’ve all seen how quickly fantasy cricket has become a part of our lives in recent times. With so many fantasy gaming apps around, we believe that in addition to the uniqueness of the app, communication will play a key role in pushing people to choose one app over the other. TFG’s unique feature of making a 6-a-side team, not only reduces the time taken to put together a team of 11 on fantasy apps, but also eliminates the confusion in picking 11 players. Our quirky and relatable DVCs for TFG do just that and aim to strike a conversation with people in a memorable way. In fact, Tukka Nahi Chakka Maaro is an attitude that today’s India believes in”, he said.

With a campaign consisting of 3 digital video commercials (DVCs) to be released during the IPL, TFG is looking to go big during India’s favourite cricket season.

“We have strategically devised different phases of communication for TFG, all aligned around different digital platforms. While the pre-launch phase had 2 DVCs with a tagline ‘Swag Wala Six’ to highlight the 6-a-side feature, the launch campaign reinforces the feature with a quirky tone in real-life situations. We also have other digital collaborations lined up to make TFG the preferred entertainment destination of fantasy cricket in India”, concludes Anupam Kulkarni, Head of Business, equalz.

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