Thanks to Smartphone experience, Indians are increasingly embracing other Smart Devices

Smartphone users’ buy wish- list tops Smart TV, Smart Watch / Smart Speaker and Home Appliances in that order.

The 1st edition of ‘The Connected Indian Consumer’ consumer insights report released today by techARC reveals that Indians are quickly moving beyond Smartphones and leveraging the benefits and ‘connectivity’, ‘smartness’ and ‘intelligence’ of these devices to elevate the overall experience of living.

In this report, based on insights captured from 2,500 users, the essence of this trend can be traced to extremely high satisfaction levels derived from Smartphone usage which is encouraging Smartphone users to possess other Smart devices as they are becoming available to them. However, Smartphone continues to be the hub of being ‘smart’ and the first such device to be owned by any users who is on the journey of getting smart. This was the first ever user survey done on voice platforms including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Faisal Kawoosa, founder & chief analyst, techARC, said, “The journey beyond Smartphones has already begun and the future is equally promising. Although the journey had already started long back with Tablet PCs, Smart Watches, IP Surveillance Cameras and others, it has really swung up since the launch of Smart TVs, Streaming Devices, Smart Speakers among others. Since 2019 beginning, the journey has been really impressive.”

“In the recent past (less than 3 months), TWS and Smart STB are two categories that have seen huge uptake within Smart Device categories,” added Faisal.

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(We got this information in a press release).