The Business of love in post corona world

Lockdown has been a big boom for the joyful love toys industry. Recent reports of increase in sale of condoms, contraceptives and sex toys shows being intimate is trendy this lockdown!

The ‘love’ industry has always come across as one that is invincible – especially to recession or any sort of economic downfall. After all, why would anyone stop their search for love? A few years back, this industry wasn’t of much significance. But then suddenly, cultural evolution along with technological advancements brought forth a revolution; one that gave birth to a growing trend of apps for dating, secret online shops for sex stimulating toys, contraceptive pills, and more. It even gave the traditional latex industry a boost with all sorts of innovation in condoms. Eventually, fantasy took over the game of love and the market has been growing exponentially ever since.

However, the emergence of Covid-19 will definitely lead to some interesting communication and branding transitions for this industry like all others.

Dating Apps

The concept of dating apps started almost a decade ago and has since been rapidly becoming popular. Some of the reasons for this spiraling growth are ease of communication, ability to talk to someone who shares same likings and of course a great way to express or approach someone directly. The constant use of these apps has become common practice and also sometimes a way to meet new people with no strings attached.

Infact the use of these apps has increased during lockdown since there are limited other means of making newer acquaintances. Therefore, we are seeing a surge in signups on these apps so that we can all find more strangers to speak to!

In fact, Anil Kumar, Founder & CEO of, reports that this past month has been the busiest time in their business since he founded the matchmaking platform in 2009. “We had been growing in recent months, but since the Covid-19 crisis prompted lockdown, we have seen a surge in signups and user activity. While we know that this is a relatively recession agnostic domain, this kind of crisis is unique. In times of distress or the kind of enforced social distancing we are facing, it is only natural for people to be more inclined to seek out support, validation, and companionship."

The company has also rolled out discounts and privacy features to give further impetus to their subscriptions.

At the same time, the scare of coronavirus has everyone in its grip, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise if people don’t actually end up meeting others face-to-face after the crisis is over. Distancing will be big, and physical meetups would possibly convert to just online meetups. All in all, dating will still continue, but mostly online.

Apps which align their positioning with this evolution in terms of features and interface are most certainly going to enjoy leverage.

Toys and all their joys!

Lockdown has been a big boom for the joyful love toys industry. Recent reports of increase in sale of condoms, contraceptives and sex toys shows being intimate is trendy this lockdown! With the pandemic bringing couples closer and giving more “us” time, it seems people are catching up on intimacy missing due to hectic lifestyles.

Many ecommerce sites have started giving bulk discounts on these products. Several brands have also encashed this and come up with great advertisements to promote their brand and product. While we may hate the lockdown, it is certainly helping us discover love for our pleasure quest!

Health and hygiene

One significant communication aspect for brands that will take precedence in our sex lives is health & hygiene. Adventurous explorers who have roamed the streets of Bangkok or Amsterdam are no stranger to the strict hygiene regime before the pleasure plunge!

However in India awareness towards mutual hygiene before you get into the act is very limited. Positioning products while focusing on these aspects will certainly reap great benefits for brands. We can also expect this product segment to open in a big way post Corona because one way or the other – as the wise-men say – the show must go on!

The author Sumeet Saurabh is a Lead – Global Alliances & Media Relations at The Pivotals.