The ‘Eggfirst Culture Anthem’ has everyone nacho nacho

If last week, Natu Natu had the world dancing to its tunes, Eggfirst was creating a buzz of its own in the digital world with its wildly energetic and exorbitantly fun culture anthem, Ande Ka Funda.

Think of an advertising agency and you think of a fun and vibrant place, bustling with energy and chaos. Well, if the Eggfirst Culture Anthem is anything to go by, the buzz is true.

Eggfirst recently launched its ‘Culture Anthem’, a foot-tapping number on the tunes of ‘Ande Ka Funda’ (a song from a movie called Jodi No. 1) but with its own whacky yet insightful lyrics. The infectious song captures the funda behind the anda, the method amidst the madness, the sanity amidst the brouhaha.

The anthem is now wildly viral on social media and is gaining popularity by the minute!

According to Ravi Banka, managing director and founder – Eggfirst, “TGIM – Thank God It’s Monday – this sums up the culture at Eggfirst. And the Eggfirst Culture Anthem truly captures this sentiment. Apart from having some deep, meaningful lyrics, it’s just such a fun watch! The energy is palpable and yahan mad hai har bandi aur banda!”

The lyrics, crafted by Creative Director – Eggfirst, Patanjali Patnaik, has a Gulzar-meets-Freddy Mercury kind of feel. Sample this:

Pagle yahaan panpe,

Khub khushiyaan yahaan khanke,

Aur soch ke visphot se

Kaayanaat dhanke.

Patanjali Patnaik or Pats as he is fondly called, said, “Just being here makes you feel alive. And this culture has been an inherent part of the agency from the very beginning. The youthful energy and grey-haired-wisdom live, brainstorm, work, party, and chill together like a family. And what really binds us all together, are our values of commitment and integrity, which have remained constant through the years.”

The commitment that is spoken about in the Anthem Video is beautifully captured in the positioning of Eggfirst: As good as our word. The Eggfirst Culture Anthem is truly an ode to the agency’s values and its culture. Are you ready to experience it?

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