The Godrej Group launches the New-age ABCD on Children’s Day

Teach for India, the onground partner to amplify the campaign.

On the caring occasion of Children’s Day, India’s oldest conglomerate introduces a new version of ABC song that’s contemporary, inspiring and more educational. The Godrej Group’s Good & Green mascot, Maahi, attributes new meanings to each alphabet. Sung in the same tune as the traditional ABC, it makes the learning process easy and catchy. The song can help our little ones to grow and live better, thereby promoting a society and nation that thrives better.

The new-age ABC song was released on the Group’s social media pages.

A for Air

B for Balance

C for Clean

D for Diverse

E for Equality

F for Family

G for Green

H for Healthy

I for India

J for Joy

K for Kindness

L for Learn

M for Mosquito-free

N for Nutrition

O for Optimistic

P for Pray

Q for Questions

R for Respect

S for Safety

T for Thank You

U for Unity

V for Victory

W for Wellbeing

X for Xercise

Y for Yummy

Z for Zero Carbon

Children are the future of our nation and this generation is more technologically advanced being used to operating cell phones and catching up faster with learnings and values. Despite our progress, we have become less sensitive to how our habits and behaviour impact our society, our nation, and our planet. The song aspires to help us raise our children to be genuine, well-aware and streetwise individuals who learned facts and values this early in their lives.

For example, here’s how the song helps solve the problems we face today by inculcating good values.

1. Good planet-loving values: A for Air, G for Green, Z for Zero Carbon

2. Good Social Values: D for Diverse, E for Equality, K for Kindness, R for Respect, U for Unity.

3. Good Living Habits: B for Balance, C for Clean, M for Mosquito-free, P for Pray, T for Thank you, W for Well-being, X for Xercise

4. Good eating habits: H for Healthy, N for Nutrition, Y for Yummy

5. Good habits to be self-reliant: L for Learn, O for Optimistic, S for Safety, Q for Questions,

6. Celebrating life: F for Family, J for Joy, V for Victory

7. Love for the nation: I for India

With a vision of replacing the traditional ABC with the new-age ABC, Godrej Group has tied up with Teach For India for an onground partnership. They will be posting the video on their social media handles as well as sharing it with their Fellows who will make vidoes/reels of them reciting learning this new ABCD song. Going forward, we will be approaching more schools and the Educational Board of India to include the-age ABC in the pre-school curriculum.

Speaking on the launch of the New ABC song, Tanya Dubash, Executive Director and Chief Brand Officer at the Godrej Group, said “It is imperative that children learn and inculcate the right attitudes and habits at a tender age. Since Children’s Day is extra special for us at Godrej, we thought of gifting our kids with a song that will help them become better individuals tomorrow even as they learn the basics of the alphabet. The new ABC song will therefore be an appropriate introduction to learning for the children of today.

Shaheen Mistri, CEO and Founder Trustee, Teach For India had this to say, “At Teach For India, we keep children at the centre of everything that we do. We want every child to reach their truest potential by giving them access to an excellent, reimagined education. With the new-age ABCDs, we can start to sow the seeds of what children can truly imagine for themselves, for others, and for India.”

Anu Joseph, co-founder and creativevice chairman at Creativeland Asia, added, “With so many things changing around us over the last couple of years, we thought kids should have a new set of things to remember and learn. Therefore, this new-age ABC song”.

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