The Man Company Celebrates Male Body Positivity

Warmly welcoming the month of boundless love, affection and friendship, The Man Company, India’s leading brand for men’s premium grooming essentials, has launched a special Valentine’s Day campaign: #ForAllKindsOfLove.

With their latest Valentine’s Day campaign, The Man Company has decided to celebrate all gentlemen and initiate a wider dialogue around body positivity for men. As a brand, The Man Company has always believed in addressing topics that are often considered taboo but must be discussed and normalised. Through its latest video campaign, the brand showcases men who are hesitant of their body insecurities. Men feel vulnerable, insecure and weak too and it needs to be understood and regularized.

In India, there are countless campaigns that promote body positivity for women. However, the same is not the case for campaigns related to body positivity for men. We have created a perfect body template of tall, dark and handsome men and with this campaign the premium men’s grooming brand aims to lift the long-running stigma associated with having an “imperfect” male body image.

“We, as a brand, wish to emphasise that we are well aware of the issues and insecurities gentlemen face with their body image. Body positivity for men has not gotten the attention it deserves in the mainstream narrative. There are plenty of men in our society who may not fit in the criteria of showcasing strength, charisma and status, but have to face their fears on a daily basis. Through this campaign, we want to celebrate these gentlemen, and the fact that it's okay to have less than perfect body. We wish to encourage them to give, and in turn get, all the love that they deserve,” says Hitesh Dhingra, Founder and MD, The Man Company.

#ForAllKindsOfLove campaign is live on The Man Company’s social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). As a part of this innovative campaign, The Man Company has released a video showcasing men in their moment, looking and behaving like they would when no-one is watching or judging them. The video asks its viewers to look beyond the ideal template of what an ideal man should act, behave and, look like. The video showcases how even the toughest men struggle with self-doubt and body loathing when they are alone.

Last year, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, The Man Company had launched a campaign that questioned the stereotype which tries to define what ideal love is supposed to look and behave like. Gender, age, socio- economic status, faith, religion, when it comes to love none of these matters and as a brand, The Man Company took the stand that it’s time we celebrate #AllKindsOfLove.

The Man Company had also commenced a debate on male gender stereotyping last year with its International Men’s Day campaign ‘Bring out the #Gentlemaninyou’. In the campaign’s iconic video, brand ambassador Ayushmann Khurrana spoke about the gender stereotypes associated with men and delivered a hard-hitting message on how the term ‘gentleman’ needs to evolve with time. The video went viral across all social media platforms and garnered millions of views online.

(We got this information in a press release.)

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