The success of rooting a film in familiarity coupled with a brand uniqueness

A legacy brand P Satayanarayan Sons establishes an extended location in their home city with an ad that is feels strongly familiar but showcases new aspiration for their users.

As P. Satyanarayan Sons Jewellers expands their home in the jewel city of Hyderabad as they open a whole new floor at their showroom at Gulzar Houz. They released a video advertisement as part of their campaign to increase awareness of the new location.

P. Satyanarayan Sons Jewellers was established in 1949 and are one of the most sought-after jewellers in Hyderabad. They are a legacy brand and a household name in Hyderabad’s elite circles. The name is almost synonymous with an assurance of quality in jewels. With the launch of a new store in the city, they had two keep factors to communicate – trustworthiness of the brand and statement jewellery.

The advertisement features a young woman who has stepped into a P. Satyanarayana Sons store along with her family and feels like she is transported to a place of exquisite taste and richness. She soon says that she wishes for everything that is the best of the bests, to be the first among many to achieve, to be a trendsetter of elite ideas. Simply with this beginning, the film expressively captures the demographic of the brand by saying that the jewellery is a statement for those who wear it. It effectively shows the aspiration of both the brand and the user.

Continuing this weaving together of the two stakeholders, the film then brings out an important connection – family. We see that the woman who is ambitious is also rooted with a familial sense. The voice over says, “Ek aisi virasat ka haath thaame jo waqt ke saat aur khoobsurat hothi jaaye.” The woman picks out a piece of jewellery now and adorns her younger sister with it establishing an emotional connection between the two. With this simple gesture, the brand speaks of its legacy giving themselves a stamp of trustworthiness.

Integrating the two most important elements of the brand communication, the line “aapke pure parivaar ke liye” encapsulates that P Satyanarayana Sons are the address to look at for the most virtuous jewellery brand in town.

The film was created and produced by ReImagine Creative Studios, a video-first creative agency, that have worked with several important brands in Hyderabad such as Sri Chaitanya Schools, Zero40 Brewing etc. The founder, Sri Sai Vaishnavi talked about signing on P Satyanarayana Sons and said, “They are known to make jewellery that are big statement pieces but with such a range that everyone in the family, across age groups, can find something they like. It was a no-brainer for us to associate with them as they expanded to a new space. The showroom is the biggest in Old City and we wanted to elevate that Hyderabadi charm while welcoming new customers.”

Speaking about conceptualizing the idea of a traditional film in the age of fast-paced and quirky, Surya Srikanth, the creative director at ReImagine Creative Studios said, “When we first got the brief of launching a film for a new location of this iconic brand, we also pitched for new-age ideas that would give the brand a fresh look. After immense discussions with the brand, we understood that the strength of this film was going to be in the familiarity that the customers feel rather than aspiration of something new. With a large base in Hyderabad, we had to ensure that we keep the city’s nawabi essence intact.”

P Satyanarayana Sons talked about their new aspirations and said “We are proud of now being the largest jewellery showroom in the Old City of Hyderabad. Our vision is to have a larger collection that promises newer designs to include everyone in the family. We will the one-stop jewellers for the entire family. The film highlights our product and hoists it on the sentiment of a familial and traditional connection that we hold with our customers.”

(We got this information in a press release).

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