Therefore Design collaborates with I Love Fish Re! to launch a seamless brand ecosystem

Designs and develops a vibrant brand language for the new cloud kitchen brand.

Therefore Design has collaborated with I Love Fish Re!, a new cloud kitchen that offers customers authentic regional coastal fare. This award-winning branding and packaging design company works in synergy with businesses and helps bring brands to life by building brand ecosystems that elicit cohesive experiences and lasting consumer relations.

Therefore Design collaborates with I Love Fish Re! to launch a seamless brand ecosystem

The seafood market in India typically comprises two kinds of customers; one that shops from local fish markets, and the other that relies on established brands for assured quality. This latter group also seeks hygienically cooked seafood, minus the stress of cooking or handling it themselves. They are willing to experiment with flavours and seek out new culinary experiences. This group was Therefore Design’s target audience.

Speaking about the engagement, Arjun Gadre, entrepreneur and founder of I Love Fish Re!, said, “The thing about seafood is that people either like it or they don’t; there’s nothing in between. I Love Fish Re! is the only seafood-exclusive cloud kitchen in the country unlike others, where it’s just one of the many other things on the menu. That is our differentiator, and we wanted to cash in on it. Our goal is to build a memorable and approachable brand that offers our customers the experiences they seek. Therefore Design, on the other hand, understands food well; they’ve been in the food (branding and packaging) space for a long time. Our collaboration certainly generates the right synergies to grow I Love fish Re!.”

Therefore Design collaborates with I Love Fish Re! to launch a seamless brand ecosystem

The launch of I Love Fish Re! could not have been better timed. Indian urban adults, typically aged 18 to 25 and 25 to 35 are brand conscious and mindful of what they eat. They seek great taste that comes with the promise of health, hygiene, great price and originality. The corresponding rise of cloud kitchens in the country has also increased the chances of these customers accessing packaged and/ or branded regional food. Against this milieu, it was necessary to position I Love Fish Re! as a proficient brand that is a gateway to authentic regional flavours and a healthy alternative to everyday food.

Therefore Design collaborates with I Love Fish Re! to launch a seamless brand ecosystem

Capitalising on India’s vibrant visual vocabulary, art forms, rich heritage, and, of course, an immense love for food, Therefore Design built a harmonious brand ecosystem to offer customers a seamless experience. The unique identity takes inspiration from a sense of calm and joy that is typically associated with the ‘sun, sand and sea’. Likewise, the warm visual language is inspired by India’s vibrant regional art and culture and is intended to activate a sense of travel nostalgia and longing. The team created striking design elements that exude a playful narrative. Elaborating on the design rationale, Gauri Barve Kale said, “Consuming seafood is often a wholesome and happy experience for fish lovers; it’s almost like they form an instant connection with their food. It’s this emotional experience, combined with their love for seafood and the willingness to experiment with flavours that we wanted to capture through our identity and visual language”.

Therefore Design also harnessed common consumption behaviour, i.e., customers actively seek out delectable-looking food even in the absence of genuine hunger. So, if visual hunger had to translate to digital satiety for customers ordering I Love Fish Re! products on food delivery platforms, drool-worthy images were a must. The design agency undertook a copious photo shoot, for the purpose of the brand’s digital menu.

Finally, the team carefully curated expressive and easily distinguishable visual cues that can seamlessly extend into various touchpoints such as digital menus, packaging, social media posts, paper bags, and aggregator site listings, thus creating a refreshing experience for customers.

(We got this information in a press release).

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