Therefore Design’s new campaign for Dream Lite gets the family together over a pack of biscuits

The award-winning Pune-based branding and packaging design company conceived and developed a campaign for Dream Lite biscuits.

Therefore Design recently collaborated with Anmol Industries Limited, to re-launch Dream Lite across a pan-India market and create aspirational value for consumers. Speaking about the engagement, Dhun Patel, Co-founder and Director of Therefore Design said, “Our objective for Dream Lite was to graduate consumers to the brand’s family and value packs, and augment sales across urban markets in India, without disturbing the prevalent sales momentum of the popular portion packs”.  

A leading brand of packaged foods, especially biscuits, cakes and cookies, Anmol Industries Limited enjoys a strong market presence in Northern and Eastern India, and has an annual turnover was more than 1000 crore. The company produces over 60 varieties of biscuits every year, of which at least 21 kinds are exported to countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean Islands. The collaboration with Therefore Design comes at a time when Anmol Industries Limited is looking to expand across India, with a focus on the urban markets and families as consumers. We got together with Therefore Design to develop an effective communication for Dream Lite, our flagship brand in a way that showcases the appeal of our family packs, while continuing to retain the attractiveness of our small Rs 5/- packs”, said Anjali Mittal, Assistant Manager – Marketing, Anmol Industries.

Positioning Dream Lite as a ‘family brand’ was key to the entire campaign. “The idea was to reposition it as a premium biscuit brand, and make a strategic shift from the individual consumer to the family consumer – basically develop a new market for Dream Lite”, explained Dhun Patel, about the communication strategy. Therefore Design came up with a catchy positioning line, ‘Crispy & Light Kare Poore Family ka Mood Bright’ that encapsulates what the brand seeks to achieve – build an emotional connection with consumers. The creative agency developed the concept, storyboard and script for a TVC, which was executed by broadcasting and production companies, Kinetigra Medias & Productions, and VC Studiioz. “We built a direct connect with the homemaker, who is most often the decision maker of the family”, says Vrishali Kekre Deshmukh, Co-founder and Design Director of Therefore Design.

Therefore Design’s new campaign for Dream Lite gets the family together over a pack of biscuits

The video featuring Mona Singh, Himani Shivpuri & Ankur Nayyar, showcases the family members engaged in various ‘stress-causing’ activities. Enter, the homemaker with a family pack of Dream Lite that instantly sets the mood right! The visuals showcase the lightness of the biscuits and their immediate effect on the family’s mood.

Commenting on the communication tonality, Vrishali Kekre Deshmukh added, “We crafted a tonality that would appeal to upwardly mobile consumers and at the same time, retain the essence of fun and family time”. The campaign has been rolled out across multiple channels – television, digital media, retail activations, and print advertisements. “The process was both exciting and challenging for us, and Therefore Design brought out the essence of the communication effectively and creatively”, said Anjali Mittal.

(We got this information in a press release).

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