This Navratri, Ishara brings a story invoking hope and faith – ‘Mata ki Mahima’

The show will air on the channel at 8:30 pm from 9 April 2024

IN10 Media Network’s general entertainment channel, Ishara, is proud to announce the launch of its latest offering, ‘Mata ki Mahima’. This show aims to rekindle purity in thoughts and actions, encouraging viewers to choose the path of righteousness and spirituality on the auspicious day of Gudi Padwa and the first day of Navratri.

In a world often overshadowed by revenge and violence, ‘Mata ki Mahima’ stands out by presenting the divine power of Maa Sheranwali, who not only saves her devotees but also transforms her enemies. Through compelling storytelling, the show reinforces the importance of bhakti (devotion) in overcoming life’s challenges and finding inner peace.

Set against the backdrop of Haridwar, Uttarakhand, ‘Mata ki Mahima’ draws inspiration from the timeless tale of Bhakt Prahlad and his father Hiranyakashyap. The show follows the journey of Mahima, portrayed by the talented child actor Pari Sharma, who finds herself pitted against her step-grandmother, Indrayni, played by the versatile Monalisa. As Mahima navigates through adversities and familial conflicts, she finds solace and guidance in Maa Sheranwali, portrayed by the esteemed television actress Reema Vohra.

Monalisa, stepping into her first antagonist role on a daily soap, said, “I consider it a stroke of luck to join the cast of ‘Mata Ki Mahima’. While the show predominantly revolves around the devout bhakti of young Mahima towards Maa Sherawali, my character serves as the antagonist, challenging the belief in the goddess. Despite portraying a negative role, I am gratified that my character's scepticism enhances the devotion to Mata Rani, especially through the portrayal of Mahima. Being part of a show that rekindles faith in Mata Raani within our viewers is truly fulfilling.”

"We believe that ‘bhakti mein hai shakti’, and through ‘Mata ki Mahima’, we aim to showcase the transformative power of faith and spirituality," said Jay and Kinnari Mehta of Jay Production. “Our narrative is not just about entertainment; it's about inspiring self-realization and instilling hope in the hearts of our viewers.”

Mata ki Mahima’ promises to be a captivating journey filled with drama, emotion, and spiritual enlightenment. Join us as we embark on this divine quest to rediscover the essence of bhakti and celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

The show will air on the channel at 8:30 pm from 9 April 2024.

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