Tic Tac brings long lasting taste experience with its ‘Mouth Fresh, Mood Refresh’ campaign

Sharing enjoyment and freshness with millions of hearts every day, Tic Tac has launched a new TV campaign – “Mouth Fresh, Mood Refresh”. The campaign seeks to position Tic Tac as an enjoyable mouth taste changer that refreshes the mood by providing continuous release of long lasting and refreshing taste experience.

The new campaign for Tic Tac builds further on the brand’s uniqueness of more than 100 layers of taste and freshness which comes from its unique production process wherein it takes more than 12 hours to produce each Tic Tac pill layer by layer. So not only is the taste of Tic Tac great because of its high-quality flavors, but it is also long lasting thanks to its hundreds of “melting in your mouth layers”. Deep diving into the consumer needs, changing the taste of mouth is one of the most important reason of consumption of confectionery. The new Tic Tac campaign intends to deliver on the promise of this functional reason of consumption by providing a long lasting and refreshing taste experience.

Commenting on the launch of the new TVC, Tic Tac spokesperson of Ferrero India said, “India as a market is dynamic and the consumer needs are constantly evolving and hence it is important for brands to also evolve and be relevant to these ever-changing consumer needs. We have found that the best way to interact with consumers is to clearly communicate the role of the brand in their life. Our TVC strives to do this and we are confident that the campaign will resonate well with the consumers.”

The Tic Tac “Mouth Fresh, Mood Refresh,” campaign will leverage mass media with strong presence across regional and Hindi channels as well as activate retail channels with point of sales material in the core markets. The campaign will be amplified by leveraging key social media platforms of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

(We got this information in a press release.)

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