Top 30 most influential Instagram Celebrities from South India for Forbes India

Qoruz has a digital tool (Qoruz Score) to calculate social media influence.

Social Samosa, an Online Media Publication that covers the Social Media Landscape in India along with Qoruz have compiled this list of the most influential social media stars of South cinema.

Qoruz is an end-to-end Influencer Marketing platform where you can find the right influencers, optimize campaigns, and measure results using a data-driven approach.

Qoruz has a digital tool (Qoruz Score) to calculate social media influence. The Qoruz score is a step towards making influencer marketing more transparent, effective, and informative for both marketers and influencers using data-driven insights. The ‘Qoruz Score’ is out of 10. This is arrived at by using data-driven insights that are either drawn from a limited time frame or a number of posts to ensure the numbers are up-to-date.

The Qoruz score includes the following metrics, each given a different weightage. The metrics considered for the Qoruz Score here are average likes, average comments, engagement rate, follower growth rate, average video views, and follower count. The weightage given to these goes from highest to lowest in the same order. The scoring system from this Influencer marketing platform concisely measures influencer effectiveness on the basis of data and ranks them without bias.

To put together this list, the Instagram activity of celebrities from the Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada industries were analyzed. Their most recent 25 posts, as of September 30, were considered. The scores do not measure offline clout, trends, and metrics.

Qoruz also adds a layer of human verification to ensure that the ranking accurately represents the Top 30 influential celebrities across the South Indian film industry.

Although most of these actors work across languages and industries, over 50 percent of the celebrities work predominantly in the Telugu film industry, which is also the biggest among the four South Indian cinema industries, followed by the Tamil film industry.

As only the official accounts of celebrities were taken into consideration, it explains why certain celebrities with a huge fan-following like Nayanthara, Vijay, or Ajith did not make it to the list, as they officially do not have a social media presence.

(We got this information in a press release).

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