Toy Story 4 reunites the old gang back for a captivating adventure on Star Movies

They are joined by Forky, a naive and self-loathing spork that Bonnie has made into a toy.

Since it first graced our screens in 1995, Pixar’s animated classic Toy Story, has captivated us for years with its joyous characters, strong plot and imaginative storytelling.

We have practically grown up with its unforgettable and loveable characters like – the quick witted cowboy Woody, voiced brilliantly by Tom Hanks, Buzz ‘not a toy’ Lightyear (Tim Allen), the spirited and feisty Jessie (Joan Cusack), and not to forget ‘the ever’ charming characters like Rex, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Slinky and Hamm, and countless more.

As Toy story 3 ended on impeccable note, Andy’s farewell led many fans to believe that the film series had reached the ‘end of the line’. However, with Toy Story 4’s announcement, fans all over the world rejoiced.

Toy Story 4 directly follows Toy Story 3, as Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and their other toy friends have found new appreciation living with Bonnie. They are joined by Forky, a naive and self-loathing spork that Bonnie has made into a toy, and embark on a road trip adventure and run into an old friend from Andy's house. During this adventure, they meet new toys such as Ducky, Bunny, Gabby Gabby and Duke Caboom, who has been voiced by the much-loved actor Keanu Reeves.

On being part of the nearly 25-year long film franchise, Actor Tom Hanks stated “From the very first moment in the first Toy Story there is a comforting relationship that you have with these toys and it continues. What I would say is that Woody found a great comforting friend in Buzz and Tom has found a great friend in Tim.”

So sit back, relax and tune into Star Movies, on June 14, 12 and 9 PM, for a wholesome, fun and endearing tale of friendship and adventure.

(We got this information from a press release.)

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