Tupperware India takes the witty route to spread awareness around COVID-19

Tupperware, a conscientious global premium homeware brand based out of Orlando, US, is helping its consumers stay happy, safe and positive, during these taxing times. Amidst all the negativity spread by the outbreak of COVID-19, Tupperware India has taken a rather quirky and witty approach to spread awareness about best habits, social distancing and staying indoors. Through the power and reach of social media, Tupperware is doing their bit to bring a little cheer to people’s lives.

Tupperware India wants to ensure the well-being of its consumers. Through a series of social media posts, the brand is spreading awareness about the dangerous pandemic without sounding too preachy. Tupperware is also sharing creatives that talk about the things a person can do indoors, during this lockdown- with music being the savior! The brand has suggested a musical face-off, where the members of the family talk to each other using nothing but songs. The idea behind this is to make staying at home fun, so that you do not get tempted to step out. To make the quarantine time more engaging, Tupperware is sharing quick, healthy and easy immunity building recipes for their consumers to try out. One such recipe is making a pizza from leftover rotis to satisfy one’s hunger pangs!

Tupperware India has gone ahead with a series of creatives which promote social distancing. The brand literally widened the gap between the alphabets of their well-known campaign ‘More Time Living’ to highlight the importance and need of social distancing. They’re asking their consumers to socialize online and not in person and stay more connected with each other through the power of technology. To add physical activity to your daily mix, Tupperware is sharing easy-to-do exercises that can be done before one begins their day. By following that routine, consumers can keep their minds and bodies fit.

Tupperware India has also shared a recipe to make your own sanitizer. This comes in handy when sanitizers are scarce in the market. To ensure that their message reaches more people, Tupperware India is using hashtags like #QuarantineAndChill, #StayHome, #StaySafe, #StayAlert, #MoreTimeCaring, #StayResponsible, #SafeHands and #LockdownAndChill. You can view Tupperware India’s Instagram page and Facebook page, here.

(We got this information in a press release.)