TVF releases brand new mini-series - SK Sir ki Class

The mini-series has a unique integration with Meta, showcasing the possibilities of the metaverse.

The Viral Fever (TVF), have released their new mini-series, "SK Sir ki Class". TVF has partnered with Meta to seamlessly highlight the benefits of the metaverse, within the storyline. 

The series focuses on the story of a young character, Ashish, played by actor Gagan Arora who’s a coder and is struggling with his career choices in life. While TVF has already successfully dabbled into the world of UPSC exams in the past, this series delves deeper into this universe as Ashish is forced by his parents to enroll in IAS coaching. As the story progresses, the viewer gets a layered understanding and a thorough insight into the workings and benefits of the metaverse. 

Avinash Pant, director of consumer marketing, Facebook India (Meta), said, “At Meta, we have the privilege of having over 3.7bn people use our platforms on a monthly basis. While we strive to provide the tools and measures to allow them to express themselves freely, we also constantly look to celebrate the way people use our apps. In this case, we wanted to showcase the possibilities of the metaverse and we’re glad TVF used their creative prowess to integrate that purpose, within the storyline of this series.”

Vijay Koshy, president of TVF, commented on the association with Meta, "We are thrilled to partner with Meta on the mini-series, ‘SK Sir ki Class’. TVF and Meta's collaboration is expected to bring the audience an entertaining and thought-provoking series that will stay with them for a long time. Meta has trusted us to tackle an interesting concept that is currently gaining a lot of interest – the metaverse, encompassing new digital technologies like AR and VR. It’s one of their key focus areas and we have attempted to educate the new-age audiences about it with entertaining storytelling”. 

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