Unifying Brands: Galvanising Action Before Election's Final Phases

Republic Media's "Nazar Ka Teeka" campaign bolsters voting appeal.

In the vibrant tapestry of Indian democracy, resonating with the pulse of its citizens' choices, a symphony of voices rises. As the second phase of voting approaches, six brands have united on the digital stage, each adding its hue to the canvas of civic duty. Spearheaded by Republic Media, this collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards a more engaged electorate.

Republic Media's "Nazar ka Teeka" campaign persists in encouraging citizens to exercise their voting rights. With unwavering dedication, its digital banners echo the message, "Desh ko Lagagye Nazar ka Teeka, Vote Jaroor Kare," emphasising the enduring significance of active participation in democracy.

To amplify this drive, Valvoline presents the slogan, "Valvoline ke liye ho ya Desh ke liye, chuno wahi jo sahi hain," stressing the importance of informed choices for both Valvoline products and the nation's progress.

Orient with Republic Media introduces a compelling campaign, "Desh ka Future Har ek Vote, Fans ka Future Orient BLDC Pro," highlighting the power of every vote in shaping the nation's future.

Amidst the election fervor, Capri Loans echoes a resonant message: "Desh ka prati ek Farz, Vote karna hamara Farz," underscoring voting as a sacred duty towards the nation.

In today's hyper-connected society, Silver Pumps presents "Pump your spirit to vote," emphasising empowerment and a vision of a better tomorrow.

Hyundai launches "Let's Drive to Vote," aimed at accelerating voter participation and civic engagement.

Cera's venture reminds us of the significance of making room for democracy to flourish: "This is your space to Vote."

These brands stand as pillars of civic virtue, guiding towards an empowered electorate. With each ballot cast, Indian democracy's mosaic is woven anew, a testament to civic participation's enduring vitality.

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