Unstop relaunches its mentorship section for Mother’s Day

The platform will feature refurbished sections on its website under the theme "Unlock Maa's guidance with Unstop."

Mothers just know everything about us, don’t they? Whether it’s our room that’s a mess (even after she’s told us to clean it 10,000 times) or our life, or when we’ve had a bad day, moms always know.

Unstop relaunches its mentorship section for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Unstop, the talent engagement and hiring platform for students and graduates, is honouring the all-knowing moms and their invaluable guidance with a revamped Mentorship section on its website. Based on the theme “Unlock Maa’s guidance with Unstop,” the platform will have the refurbished sections featured on its website.

In this quirky campaign, Unstop will rename the "Find a Mentor" section to "Maa's Picks," paying homage to the first and most influential mentor in our lives. Similarly, another section has been rebranded as "Upskill with Masterclasses Maa Recommends," highlighting the platform's curated selection of expert-led courses.

Furthermore, Unstop has introduced "Mentor like Maa!" as a replacement for "Become a Mentor," encouraging users to share their knowledge and experience with others, although it shall never be able to match the guidance offered by mothers. The "Recommended Mentor" section now features a new tagline: "We know you can’t decide which mentor is right for you. So we made it easier," along with Unstop's recommended mentors, making it simpler for users to find the perfect mentor.

Not only this, Unstop has also created what every mother’s resume would look like. From a Bachelor’s in cancelling Goa plans to having the domain expertise of knowing when the weather is about to change, the resume is a quirky take on the little things mother’s say.

With these changes as a part of its Mother’s Day campaign, Unstop aims to celebrate the wisdom and guidance of mothers while delivering an engaging user experience. Whether you're seeking advice or looking to share your expertise, Unstop's revamped mentorship section offers a platform where everyone can benefit from mothers’ wisdom.

afaqs! received this information in a press release.

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