Verve Media and Code7tech celebrate one year of collaboration & innovation

Both the teams excelled in their specialised skills and developed fast growing models in their starting years.

Just a year ago, Verve Media and Code7tech had been walking parallel paths in the world of visual and digital communication. Verve Media had their teams focussed on generating creative content, and Code7tech focussed on innovative digital solutions to build and strengthen the online presence of brands, organisations and other clients. Both the teams excelled in their specialised skills and developed fast growing models in their starting years.

They soon realised that what customers need is a package of both these kinds of services - a blend of creative content and innovative technology in which the messaging of a brand would be able to effectively compete in the storm of content generation and consumption and thereby widen the reach of the brand.

This unique package of Films, Graphic Design, Website Development, SEO and Social Media Marketing was born out of the collaboration between Verve Media and Code7tech, and has turned into a blessing in disguise for their esteemed and diverse clientele, some of whom are Shell India, HealthXP, Coign Consulting, Cellcom, Eagle Securities, ARK, The Kids Corridor, Pinnacle Services, Pilade Khilade among others.

“The decision to merge the companies was taken at a very crucial stage for both Verve Media and Code7tech. Both of us had a good foundation of exceptional work to present, and decided to collaborate with each other to dream of a bigger success in the near future. Not only are we on the path to attain that, but we have also got through the pandemic and have come out even stronger now”, said Vinay Singh Sangwan, Co-Founder of Verve Media LLP.

“Synergy is the key to success and this was a perfect match! We saw this as a better together opportunity for both the brands. The Digital Service Market is very competitive and most of the brands are looking for everything under one roof. Joined expertise of both the companies has taken our work to the next level. With this collaboration, we aimed to serve our current and future clients better while sustaining a strong collaboration with Verve”,said Saad Merchant, Co-Founder of Code7:Tech.

Not only has this collaboration resulted in the birth of this package for visual and digital communication, but it has also resulted in the strong partnership between the 3 co-Founders of Verve Media and the 2 co-Founders of Code7tech. At the end of one year, the 5 of them, Saad, Mayur, Vivek, Vinay and Pradeep, have proven themselves to be a powerhouse together, as they share spaces for dialogue, discussion and ideation. They all bring their unique expertise to the table and challenge each other to continuously do better - and as a cherry on the cake, these 5 people are also great friends, who have thus supported each other through respect, critique, camaraderie, especially relentlessly during these difficult times of a global pandemic.

On completing a year, they strongly vouch for the spirit of collaboration between diverse professionals, and believe that this last year was only the beginning of a longer and fruitful professional as well as personal growth.

(We got this information in a press release).

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