VGC crafts a new mark for India’s No. 1 Linen Brand

VGC partnered with Linen Club to express their new positioning, ‘Passionate about Linen’ across its visual manifestations.

Linen Club, India’s linen pioneers have recently unveiled their new avatar. The brand has been around for more than seven decades offering the widest range of designs and is synonymous with the finest quality linen, making them leaders in the segment. It was now time for them to renew their brand expression that was in line with what they stand for – passion, authenticity & expertise in crafting the finest linen fabric and apparel.

VGC partnered with Linen Club to express their new positioning, ‘Passionate about Linen’ across its visual manifestations. The brand strategy suggested by VGC aimed to help the brand make a switch from owning linen as a product to owning linen as a mindset, broadening its spectrum of offerings. Adding to this, VGC's strategic interventions included recommendations of a Hybrid brand architecture that would help Linen Club maintain resonance with the passionate linen lover, as well as invite newer users.

“As we prepare ourselves for the future, we want the Linen Club brand identity to manifest our passion for linen combined with our heritage, our expertise, and our authenticity. The new identity while staying true to the core values of Linen Club, gives it a credible and inspiring imagery." said Satyaki Ghosh, CEO, Domestic Textiles (Grasim Industries) Aditya Birla Group.

"As I am personally passionate about Linen, it was an absolute delight when VGC was invited to rebrand Linen Club. Through the new logo, we have brought alive the story of Linen's European heritage, the legacy of the brand in India, and the fabric's authenticity in terms of its sustainable qualities. We then also translated it to a stylish visual narrative across a range of packaging and varied retail touch points," informed Preeti Vyas, Chairwoman and CCO, VGC

Inspired by origin & legacy

For the new mark, VGC took inspiration from the pioneering legacy of Linen Club, the fabric’s European lineage, natural origins, and inherent stylishness. The heritage of the brand took form though the shield, and the flax stalk and flower represent the European flax fields of Europe, embodying the origin story of the fabric illustrating its authenticity. The new type face symbolises the brand’s leap into a new era. And finally, the logo is visualised in a colour and form that is both elegant and contemporary, with the promise of an enduring classic. Much like the brand and linen itself.

Packaging that uncovers the scale of the offering

Apart from designing the brand’s new identity, developing the packaging was a crucial aspect of this landmark project. A deeper look at the brand’s offerings revealed its sheer width. The strategic brand architecture exercise laid the foundation for the packaging leg of the project as the portfolio had now been simplified. The initial ask was to make recommendations for packaging, for both the fabric and apparel business. VGC used this as an opportunity to upfront the depth of the portfolio while also breaking away from category associations like limited colour palettes.

Gearing up the brand for its ready-to-wear offering

With ready-to-wear becoming a strong part of fashion and retail, it was quintessential for Linen Club to create a meaningful extension into the apparel segment. VGC made recommendations to simplify their apparel range offerings and also designed an impactful identity for Linen Club Studio their apparel brand.

The brand design universe created by VGC embraced the entire retail ecosystem, offering a rich and unified experience for Linen Club, to live up to its brand promise of “Passionate as you are”.

(We got this information in a press release).