Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar inaugurates the Kulish School of Patrika Group

This event took place on April 30, 2024 heralding an era in educational excellence and societal betterment.

Patrika Group, one of India's media houses, inaugurated Kulish School, an educational institution. The inaugration was done by vice president of India, Jagdeep Dhankar. This event took place on April 30, 2024. During the ceremony, the statue of Karpur Chandra Kulish, the founder of Patrika, was also unveiled by him.

The Kulish School, an initiative of the Patrika Group, embodies the ethos of future thinking and societal impact. Named after Kulish, the school is poised to redefine education as a catalyst for positive transformation.

The principal of the school, Debashish Chakraborty, introduced the school as a cutting-edge innovation, further saying, "We seek to harness the power of play and experimentation to expose our students to the most complex ideas of innovation and creative technology."

The Kulish School is based on cutting-edge tech coupled with vedic knowledge and principles propounded by Kulish. Vrinda Kothari, director, board of governors conveyed, "To Kulish Ji education meant skilled and virtuous educators imparting knowledge that brings self-awareness and joy to individuals by developing not just the body and intellect but also enriching their soul and minds."

"In schools, the presence of the divine diminishes. In other words, Indian culture, nature, and concepts like unity with the universe become obscure in life. No one has an answer to what should be taught and why."

As stated by Gulab Kothari, chairman, Patrika Group, stated, "What nature had given, education has taken away. Now, the individual has become secondary, and the body is the primary objective. The soul bids farewell to life without truly living it. This is the rarity of a meaningful human life!"

The epitome of the event was the keynote lecture by the Hon'ble Vice President of India, Jagdeep Dhankar. He expressed, “I wish I were a kid; I would love to study at The Kulish School. This school is Rajasthan's pride and a priceless diamond. The Kulish School Will Set a Global Benchmark. Where the students of the school will go, I can't even imagine, as they will achieve much higher. The Kulish School will be a lasting investment in the future and the history of education, putting the family's name in golden words in the future of education."

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