Wiggles celebrates Diwali with pets in its #TrueBurstOfHappiness Campaign

Urges Indians to open their hearts and homes to pets and strays this Diwali.

Celebrated as one of India’s most auspicious festivals, Diwali calls for family gatherings, sweets, and lights with each member indulging in the happiness of the festivities. Amidst these festivities, one usually tends to neglect how these celebrations affect the animals around us. Urging Indians to open their hearts and homes to pets and strays this Diwali, fast growing preventive pet care brand, Wiggles launches its Diwali campaign #TrueBurstOfHappiness. The digital campaign #TrueBurstOfHappiness urges one to ponder upon what really is the true essence of Diwali and look beyond simply lights, sweets and firecrackers.

Centred around 3 heart-warming videos, #TrueBurstOfHappiness showcases moments of love, joy and happiness shared between family members along with their pets and how making pets an intrinsic part of celebration truly lightens up the atmosphere at home. It is the sound of laughter and the atmosphere of joy during Diwali that is the #TrueBurstOfHappiness for Wiggles and pet parent across the world. The bond that pets and pet parents share truly cannot be explained and it is this bond that also deserves to be celebrated.

Ushering a pet inclusive and safe Diwali, Anushka Iyer, Founder and CEO,, said, “Our pets have always been our stress busters during our toughest times. And while Diwali is a season of joy and celebration, this is one of the toughest times for them in the year. Bearing this in mind and encouraging pet owners to ensure that their pets are a part of Diwali festivities, we have launched our latest #TrueBurstOfHappiness campaign. The light hearted campaign will connect with not just pet owners but with everyone and urge them to make sure that strays too have a happy and safe Diwali. Through this campaign, we hope to instill a sense of empathy and inclusiveness for all animals around us.”

With an overarching thought of promoting inclusivity, Wiggles goes an extra mile with its #TrueBurstOfHappiness campaign and hopes to witness pet owners celebrate Diwali and create an environment that positively translates into happiness for their pets too.

(We got this information in a press release).