WION presents India Budget Election Edition to cover Union Budget 2024

Audience will get exclusive insights and analysis on Union Budget 2024 with WION's program.

World Is One News (WION), India's international news channel, presents India Budget: Election Edition, a comprehensive coverage, providing viewers with exclusive and comprehensive analysis for Union Budget 2024.

WION's extended coverage is currently in progress from January 5 and will continue till February 4 2024, featuring in-depth insights, exclusive interviews, and expert opinions.

Throughout January, the pre-budget programming has been focusing on domestic expectations, decoding the budget, budget FACT-O-PEDIA, technology and plans, what it means for Indian markets and foreign investors, and broad expectations from both domestic and global perspectives.

On Budget Day (February 1, 2024), WION also looks towards live broadcasts from CII in Delhi with Vikram Chandra, besides providing in-depth news bulletins from the newsroom with expert guests. This special Union Budget programming coverage encompasses highlights of top announcements, the implications for the broader economy and the world, changes in pricing, and a focus on the effect of the election on the budget.

Madhu Soman, chief business officer, WION, highlighted, "India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and its stock market became the fourth largest last week. WION will be unspooling the event to the best of our ability so that the nuances of this annual exercise are explained in the simplest of terms to our dedicated viewers across platforms."

Furthermore, between February 1 and 4, the period following the budget, WION will showcase various programs. This will include one to two-minute segments and explanatory content, encompassing budget analysis, insights gleaned from pre-budget coverage, comments from India Inc., analysts, and economists.

The coverage will also feature significant announcements and a strategic preview of the impending elections.

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