Word of Mouth media launches new digital series ‘The Quintessential Sunshine Man Rd Burman - Lessons for Lockdown’

Word of Mouth of Media's recently launched 7th project ‘The Quintessential Sunshine Man Rd Burman' talks about some ‘Lessons for Lockdown’.

Word of Mouth of Media launched its 7th project recently ‘The Quintessential Sunshine Man Rd Burman’. In this digital series Vineet KKN 'Panchhi’, Founder, Word of Mouth Media talks about some ‘Lessons for Lockdown’.

“I grew up listening to RD Burman Saab's music, collecting anecdotes about his life, and positivism. For the last few weeks, his music has been my constant in these uncertain times. I believe that RD Saab’s life and what he stood for has served a great lesson for all of us and we have tailor-made some of these in the latest series,” said Vineet.

In this context, Word of Mouth Media started ‘The Sunshine Project’ to help people stay positive during these tough times. While the website is a repository and not a destination in itself, the team constantly brainstorms on various items that can help people cope during this difficult times.

“Sunshine in so many ways is the closest Metaphor to what we are trying to do. We want people to stay positive and hopeful especially during current circumstances when we know that our problems are way bigger than we can handle. Our latest initiative is more about bringing sunshine to ourselves, our minds, and our communities,” He added.

Through the latest project, Word of Mouth Media is trying to spread smiles by putting up podcasts, interviews with stimulating people, and a few initiatives that can support. It’s an ongoing project that will continue to build more positivity and bring a ray of sunshine to people’s lives.

In the link below, Mobius Films and Word of Mouth Media brought back our hero; for all of us, so we can all learn how he continued to be creative and 'sunshine' like, even through the toughest of times.

Some of the previous projects by Word of Mouth Media:

Sunshine Project 1- India Care Collective:

It was a small initiative started by a group of citizens to raise funds for the poor during the Covid-19 crisis.

Sunshine Project 2 - The Sunshine podcast:

This podcast is truly everything sunshine featuring Vineet KKN 'Panchhi', every podcast talks about life anecdotes that can turn this gloomy time into a positive one.

Sunshine Project 3 - Elders First, Ghar pe Rahiye:

This initiative encourages people to volunteer for the elderly in society in association with EMOHA eldercare.

Sunshine Project 4 - The Sunshine Mindset:

The Sunshine Mindset initiative is in collaboration with Niti Gupta of You Turn Consulting, Singapore, which helps to cope with mental health during the lockdown period.

Sunshine Project 6 - Sunshine poetry hour:

The 'Sunshine Poetry' Hour is an attempt to spread some sunshine and 'Roshni' to those who are away from their traditional work environment.

(We got this information from a press release.)