Yes Securities marks surge in women investors, promotes financial literacy on International Women's Day

Yes Securities reports a 75% YoY growth in women investors, surpassing overall account base growth.

In a significant stride towards financial inclusivity, Yes Securities, a financial services company, reports a remarkable 75% year-on-year growth in women investor accounts for the fiscal year 2023-24. This surge in women investors outpaces the overall account base growth of 36%, underlining a growing trend of financial empowerment among women.

The data reveals Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh leading in women investor participation, showcasing a widespread shift in financial awareness and proactiveness. Notably, tier two cities and the demographic of 25-40 years old exhibit a strong and growing interest in equity markets, reflecting a diverse and inclusive investor landscape.

Yes Securities commemorated International Women’s Day 2024 by conducting a financial literacy session for Adivasi women at Seva Charitable Trust in Mumbai's Sanjay Gandhi National Park on March 7. The initiative aimed to empower underprivileged women with the knowledge and skills to manage their finances and create a better future.

Anshul Arzare, managing director and CEO, Yes Securities India, emphasises the significant role women are playing in rewriting the narrative around financial participation. He notes the surge in women investors post-pandemic, attributing it to a rise in financial awareness, digitization, and improved risk appetite in India's buoyant equity markets.

The age distribution of women investors reveals a strong inclination among millennials (25-40 years old), comprising the highest number of women investors. Moreover, the revenue generation data indicates that women in their middle to later stages of professional and personal life contribute the most, showcasing their financial acumen and investment prowess.

As part of their commitment to financial inclusion, Yes Securities conducts financial literacy sessions and supports Adivasi women trained under Seva Charitable Trust. The company hosted a two-day exhibition at its Mumbai offices, featuring and selling the exquisite handicrafts crafted by these empowered women. Yes Securities’ proactive approach towards financial inclusion aligns with the broader vision of 'Viksit Bharat 2047,' emphasising the need to increase financial awareness and literacy among women for sustained economic growth.

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