Youva by Navneet enables young minds to think differently

Youva, the youth stationery brand from the house of Navneet Education Limited is all set to release three new TVCs around their new brand tag-line “THINK. CREATE”. Youva through their TVCs aims to enable and inspire creativity and celebrate young creators from various walks of life. The TVCs are based on different scenarios pivoted on the thought Young minds think differently.

Youva's new TVCs showcases creation as a force that resides in every individual. The films are emotional, nostalgic, endearing & have a high adorable quotient that brings out the creativity of the child in every instant. The innocence of the child in all the three TVCs showcases how young kids have started to Think & execute things differently, and create an emotional connect with the viewers..

The films capture different scenarios using Youva products. Each showcases a story highlighting the wave of emotions that a child goes through. A story about an elder brother & his surprising reaction when his new born sister comes home; to a young child’s demand to carry her favourite stuffed toy on the first day of school how she gets convinced not to, and the innocent reaction of a girl when her father jokingly expresses his fear of getting lost in a crowd

The TVCs are refreshingly different with a clear messaging of the innate creativity within every child, and Youva committing to enable and inspire them to be Thinkers and Creators. Because of the high-emotional quotient & nostalgia, the ads cut across age groups. The TVCs aptly capture the brand’s messaging and spirit & are commercials directly relatable to mothers & children

Abhijit Sanyal, chief strategy officer, Stationery Division & official spokesperson of Youva, said, “We are excited to launch the TVCs that appreciate and enable creative thinking in today’s youth with our brand messaging “THINK. CREATE”. The three TVCs showcase three different stories but having the same underlying idea of how young children think and act differently. I hope we are able to inspire today’s youth with these TVCs and share the spirit of Youva, THINK. CREATE”.

(We got this information in a press release.)

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