Zee Biskope Originals: A New Wave of Bhojpuri Movies

Zee Biskope Originals are films created by the channel, which forays into curated movie making.

Bhojpuri is a distinctive local stronghold with a consumer base spread throughout India and beyond due to its status as the most migratory community in India. It offers a wealth of social, cultural, historical, and demographic resources to be utilized. Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd's inaugural and leading Bhojpuri movie channel, ZEE Biskope, is focused on providing content and projections tailored to the audience's specific needs, aspirations, and psychography. The channel is proud to announce the launch of its latest initiative, Zee Biskope Originals (ZBO). With this unique project, the channel aims to provide its viewers fresh, relatable, and high-quality Bhojpuri content that caters to the entire family. Zee Biskope's remarkable success can be attributed to its unique positioning as the first curated movie channel in the Bhojpuri category. However, the channel has gone one step further and taken complete control over content creation by producing its own movies. This amplified approach has contributed significantly to their success.

Zee Biskope Originals will feature movies specially curated for Bhojpuri viewers, based on stories inspired by the region's culture, beliefs, and daily lives. These movies will be produced by Zee Biskope and will be made with cinematic quality and presented in a manner that will resonate with the audience's sensibilities. ZBO will showcase prominent filmmakers from the region as well as from the Hindi fraternity, thereby providing a diverse and compelling range of films. The movies featured on Zee Biskope Originals will be free from any uncomfortable or embarrassing content, making them perfect for family viewing. The channel promises to bring hitherto unexplored or under-represented genres to the forefront, providing a wider palate for its audience to choose from.

The first movie to be featured on Zee Biskope Originals is titled Preet Ka Saaya on 14th May 2023. This social drama with a supernatural backdrop is centered around a core belief in the region that any human being's journey is not complete till their unfulfilled wishes from any life are complete. It is a Socio-supernatural-dramedy which is a novelty in this category. Zee Biskope Originals promises to be a game-changer in the Bhojpuri film industry, and viewers can expect a range of engaging, high-quality movies in the future.

"The core premise of ZEE Biskope is to establish, celebrate, and elevate consumer truth in its most engaging form. Since the beginning, the brand has been a shining example of living this philosophy and transforming the category dynamics. It not only changed viewers' expectations but also elevated Bhojpuri to a reputable level in respected national and global professional forums. We are excited to offer our viewers a new range of movies with Zee Biskope Originals. These films are unique and relatable, and showcase the best of Bhojpuri culture. We are confident that our viewers will enjoy these movies and appreciate the effort we are putting in to provide them with fresh and high-quality content," said Samrat Ghosh, Chief Cluster Officer - East, ZEEL.

Mr. Amarpreet Singh Saini, Chief Channel Officer, Bhojpuri Cluster, added, "We are thrilled to launch Zee Biskope Originals, a new wave of Bhojpuri movies. With this initiative, we aim to provide our viewers with fresh, engaging, and high-quality content that they can enjoy with their families. As a curated movie channel in the Bhojpuri category, Zee Biskope provides unique opportunities to advertisers/brands to explore in-movie integrations, brand placements, and brand presence. This enables them to find a deeper and more meaningful connection with our audience of movie lovers. The team's dedication to bringing the Bhojpuriya soul to screen has not only been appreciated by our ardent viewers but has also been recognized. Here's to ZEE Biskope's Bhojpuriya spirit: Aanthon Pahariya Loota Lahariya!"

(We got this information in a press release).

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