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Zee Cinema delivers a heart-warming message through its Father’s Day video

This Father’s Day, Zee Cinema, in-line with its belief ‘Jazba Hai Jenene Mein, Jab Cinema Hai Seene Mein’, strums the heart strings of its audience through a heart-warming video with an appeal to vaccinate our loved ones. The video narrates the supremely relatable tale, paralleling the on-screen heroes to our fathers. Just like a hero in a movie plays different characters to cheer us up, show us the way, fight for us and celebrate our emotions, so do the heroes of our lives, our fathers. The message is clear and profound, like our fathers have always come to our rescue showing #JazbaHeroKa every day, let us also show our love, care and appreciation by ensuring they are vaccinated as soon as possible.

As the preferred movie channel for the masses, Zee Cinema has decided to take up the mantle to spread this vaccination message, through the power of cinema, far and wide. The channel has spread the video across their vast followers on social media.

Kahaani ek Hero ki, aapke favourite Hero ki!

Happy Father’s Day!

(We got this information in a press release).

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