Zee Keralam urges Malayalees to celebrate Onam from the bottom of their hearts, through a musical brand film

Onam, Malayalee's most beloved festival season is around the corner. It is the time for celebrations with loved ones and reminiscing about the traditions that are bound in the spirit of unity and prosperity, values that every Malayalee holds dear to them. It’s the festival time to forget all the perils that had affected the quintessential Kerala Onam and the memorable celebrations, in the last few years.

Zee Keralam released an Onam-themed musical brand film, featuring the much-loved female protagonists of Zee Keralam’s fictions, showcasing Onam celebrations that begin in the early hours of the morning and extend through the day ending with the entire family watching TV together.

This Onam season, brands have a great opportunity to partner with Zee Keralam, the No.2 TV channel in Kerala and engage with Malayalee families who gather to watch special TV shows celebrating the festive spirit of Onam.

On this festive occasion, Santosh J Nair – chief channel officer, Zee Keralam, says “Onam is the biggest festival of Kerala where Malayalees worldwide celebrate and come together in unison, irrespective of their beliefs. Kerala TV channels, especially Malayalam GEC screens are filled with colourful festive visuals and songs. We celebrate this moment with a variety of entertaining content like WTPs, festive based shows and film celebrity faces for the first time on TV. The Malayalee audience have a great opportunity to watch mesmerising content along with their families on Television, this Onam. Zee Keralam is a part of every Malayalee household and we send our warm wishes to our extended family who have made Zee Keralam an intrinsic part of their lives.”

(We got this information in a press release).

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