Zee Media partners with Greenply for the celebratory second season of Hindustan Ki Shaan Awards

The celebration is set to take on April 27, 2024, to recognise India's carpenters and contractors.

Zee Media, in partnership with Greenply Industries, is thrilled to announce the second season of the Hindustan Ki Shaan Awards. This celebration is dedicated to recognising India's carpenters and contractors for their contributions to the interior design industry.

Following a inaugural season, this year’s on-ground event, scheduled to take place in Mumbai on Saturday, April 27, 2024, aims to highlight and honour the skills and creativity of these vital artisans in shaping living spaces.

Hindustan Ki Shaan Season 2 has been an initiative as it included an active participation from all professional craftsmen within the wood panel and interior furniture sectors across India, assessing entries based on criteria including design innovation, problem-solving, and the use of environmentally friendly materials.

The jury panel included industry figures such as Rajesh Mittal, chairman & MD, Greenply Industries; Manoj Tulsian, JMD & CEO of Greenply Industries; Vertica Dvivedi, founder and director of Wade Asia - Surface Reporter; and Rahul Mehta, CEO of the Furniture & Fittings Skill Council who evaluated the entries based on design excellence, innovation in craft, and the use of environmentally sustainable practices and materials. The second season of the Hindustan Ki Shaan Awards will recognise and elevate the appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into creating bespoke furniture and innovative interior solutions, with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Yatnesh Pandey, chief marketing officer, Greenply Industries highlighted "Celebrating these craftsmen not only fosters a sense of community among them but also builds loyalty among consumers who recognise Greenply as a brand that values the backbone of its industry. Our partnership with Zee Media magnifies the impact, ensuring that the stories of these talented artisans are appreciated on a national scale. It positions Greenply strategically as a leader committed to uplifting the entire woodworking and interior design ecosystems."

With Zee News as its exclusive telecast partner and Zee Media as its digital partner, the event will be covered extensively across all platforms, ensuring that the achievements of these craftsmen are recognised nationwide. This strategic partnership aims to amplify the voices of India's artisans and connect viewers across the nation to the artistry and innovation within the craftsmanship community.

Mona Jain, chief revenue officer of Zee Media Corporation, expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighted "Working with Greenply for the second season of the Hindustan Ki Shaan Awards aligns perfectly with our mission to create social and economic value by spotlighting sectors of our culture that are often overlooked. We are committed to enhancing the visibility of these skilled professionals, improving their career opportunities, and fostering greater appreciation for their work. This initiative is a step towards sustainable development and recognition of these essential industries."

Anindya Khare, marketing head, Zee Media Corporation, further added, “We are immensely proud to collaborate with Greenply for the second season of the Hindustan Ki Shaan Awards. This partnership allows us to shine a spotlight on the extraordinary talents of India's carpenters and contractors, who play a pivotal role in enriching our everyday living spaces with their craftsmanship and innovation. Through this initiative, we aim to foster greater recognition and appreciation of their skills, which are crucial in driving the advancement and sustainability of the interior design and construction sectors."

The award ceremony promises not only to be a platform for recognition but also a venue for sharing transformative stories and discussing the ongoing evolution within the sector. It will underscore the critical role these craftsmen play in not just beautifying spaces, but also in making them functionally robust and environmentally sustainable.

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