Zee News-DNA show encourages citizens to take informed decisions

Farming equipment, mobile phones & tablets, consumer durables, automobiles & automobile equipment will be the initial focus of the ‘Right to Repair’ framework.

DNA, one of the leading shows well-known for its inclusive reporting, investigative journalism, and 360-degree coverage, rolled out a special episode on a step-by-step guide on ‘Right to Repair’, a framework introduced by The Ministry of Consumer Affairs. This special episode empowered citizens by explaining the need for the launch of It is an eye-opener to citizens, acknowledging the fact that no company/ manufacturer can deny repairing their electronics or demand for extra charges for repairing.

The Zee News-DNA show also emphasized on the research study findings by a German sustainability research group, Öko-Institut', highlighting the fact that electronics and consumer durables manufactured in 2004 were found in working conditions for up to five years. However, the lifespan of products manufactured in 2012 decreased and shortened to less than five years. This has been a marketing gimmick by several companies, to influence consumers to buy upgraded products within a short period. However, the ‘Right to Repair’ framework is significant as it will give consumers a chance to repair their products at an optimal cost instead of buying new products altogether.

At present, Farming equipment, Mobiles/ electronics, Automobiles and Consumer Durables sectors are covered under the Right to Repair framework. All details related to their products service, warranty, terms and conditions, etc. are aggregated on the ‘Right to Repair’ portal. Commenting on the relevance of the right to repair, Nidhi Khare Additional Secretary, the Department of Consumer Affairs, said, “Consumers are promised a 10-year product warranty at the time of purchase. However, when the consumer faces some technical issues and approaches the dealer for a solution, he/she receives a standard response – ‘This product model isn’t being manufactured anymore’ or ‘The spare parts of this model aren’t available anymore’. This further results in consumers forcibly giving up on the product, adding to the unplanned expense of purchasing a new/upgraded product.”

Commenting on the success of the impactful campaign reportage, Rajnish Ahuja, Editor, Zee News said, “Zee News's Flagship show DNA has a dedicated team of reporters and researchers continues to be consistent in their research and analysis. We look forward to educating citizens on their rights and initiatives taken up by the Government of India to make informed decisions.”

(We got this information in a press release).

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