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BigRock launches Ad Campaign, ‘’ That Positions .CO As The New Age Domain Name For Startups

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Mumbai, April 18, 2019

BigRock, India’s leading domain registration and web hosting company, has launched a new digital advertising campaign for the .CO domain name. The campaign positions .CO domain name as the best digital identity for India’s new age entrepreneurs. .CO is the preferred domain name extension or top-level-domain (TLD) for new age businesses globally, being short, memorable and available, also making it especially suitable for the mobile first generation.

The objective of the ad film is to encourage small businesses and start-ups to get online on BigRock with .CO. The ad film ‘’ focuses on the fact that the right online identity is important for any business. The right domain name helps to create a digital identity, which lends to the success of a business and enables being found online easily. Importantly, the ad film highlights that it is often a challenge for businesses to find the ideal short, meaningful and memorable domain name. The film suggests that with BigRock, they can find the right domain name for their business.

BigRock is further complementing the digital advertising campaign ‘’ with a series of videos in partnership with leading digital content creators - TVF and FilterCopy. As a part of this collaboration, the content creators have produced four different videos, which are quirky, humorous and relatable. Each of these videos explores a different aspect of an entrepreneur’s life. All the videos have been released recently and have already garnered over 11 million organic views in less than a month.

Speaking about the campaign, Mitika Kulshreshtha, VP of Marketing, APAC at Endurance International Group, parent company of BigRock, said, “As one of the largest providers for domain names and websites in India, BigRock helps start-ups and small businesses get an active online presence quickly and easily. Through this campaign, we use humour and playfulness, typical to BigRock’s brand style, to reach entrepreneurs and reinforce our brand appeal as a trusted domain name provider.”

BigRock, an Endurance International Group company, has partnered with Neustar, a top global domain registry, for marketing the .CO TLD to India’s new age entrepreneurs.

Crystal Peterson, Sr Director, Registry Solutions, Neustar, Inc., commented, “An online presence has never been more critical for ensuring the success of a new brand or startup. A domain name, built on a global, credible domain extension, makes it easy for people to find and remember your website. This drives more traffic to the site, and brings more new potential customers – which ultimately helps grow business. This campaign with BigRock builds on the .CO brand personality and reaches out to the startup audience by amplifying the benefits of the same in a humorous yet relatable manner.”

The ad film is the story of a young entrepreneur, played by actor Vicky Arora, who has a strange obsession with “traffic”; he counted cars from his balcony as a child. But he was not allowed to do so because his brother was worried about the pollution harming his lungs and health. Being denied this small pleasure in his childhood gave him a cool idea for a startup. On completing his MBA he launched his startup - an ecommerce website that sells ‘100% Shudh Hawa’ - pure air in a can for people concerned about pollution.

To go to market and spread the word about this unique concept he picks the .CO domain for his website which brings back a different kind of traffic into his life, i.e. online traffic to his website. The film conveys that getting a .CO domain is the best action that a new age entrepreneur can take to get the startup the right traction it needs to succeed. It ends with a clear call to action: “if you have a startup, you must get a .CO domain at BigRock”.

Titled ‘’ the ad is conceptualized by digital content production company, Sniper, a part of the 120 Media Collective, one of South Asia's leading Integrated Digital Communications Agency.

Film Credits

BigRock (Parent company Endurance International Group):

- Mr Manish Dalal, Managing Director of Asia Pacific for Endurance International Group

- Mitika Kulshreshtha, VP of Marketing, APAC, Endurance International Group

Agency Name: Sniper, a part of The 120 Media Collective.

- Production Company: Sniper

- Creative Director & Film Director: Vishal Gandhi

- Copywriter: Adwait Karambelkar, Vishal Gandhi

- Associate Creative Producer: Sumantra Talukdar

- Account Management: Sanjukta Basu, Sumantra Talukdar

- Chief AD: Priya Shetty

- Head of Production: Anzer Chougle

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Kavita Nayyar


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