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Criesse Communications secures mandate for Ritz-Carlton Bangalore

The communication approach will encapsulate Ritz-Carlton's timeless charm and sophistication.

Criesse Communications, unveiled its latest client acquisition: the mandate for the illustrious Ritz-Carlton Bangalore.

Criesse Communications has etched an indelible mark as a paragon of excellence in the realms of perception and reputation management; redefining the very essence of luxury communications. The agency's track record stands as a testament to its unswerving dedication in curating communication strategies for brands aspiring for nothing less than pure eminence. Building upon this legacy, the Ritz-Carlton Bangalore mandate is an emblem of triumph, augmenting Criesse's ongoing collaboration with esteemed Marriott Group properties such as JW Marriott Bengaluru Prestige Golfshire Resort & Spa and the enchanting Mulberry Shades Bengaluru Nandi Hills, A Tribute Portfolio Resort.

Dennis Taraporewala, co-founder and MD of Criesse shared, "Our partnership with Ritz-Carlton Bangalore underscores our agency's unwavering commitment to crafting excellence. The privilege of representing such an iconic establishment is both an honor and a responsibility, one that we embrace with utmost reverence. Our communications approach will encapsulate the very essence of Ritz-Carlton's timeless charm and sophistication, creating experiences that have always been for the industry’s best."

The collaboration between Criesse Communications and Ritz-Carlton Bangalore promises to be an amalgamation of ingenuity, innovation, and strategic foresight. As the agency embarks on this journey as the PR partner of the property, anticipation soars for the enthralling narratives and bespoke experiences that will be woven, epitomising luxury in its most captivating form, for the discerning patrons of refined living.

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