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The Hype Studio secures PR mandate for Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League

The collaboration plans to increase its interest and improve accessibility through strategic media placements and digital campaigns.

The Hype Studio, a public relations and digital marketing agency, is thrilled to announce that it has secured the PR mandate for the Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League. This collaboration marks a milestone in promoting Kabaddi as a premier sport in India, paralleling the success of other major sporting leagues.

Founded in 2018, The Hype Studio has carved a niche in crafting brand narratives and digital strategies. With a portfolio that includes public relations, digital marketing, and influencer management, The Hype Studio is poised to elevate the Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi league through communication strategies and engaging media advocacy.

"The Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League represents not just a sport, but a cultural heritage that resonates deeply within India," stated a senior management from The Hype Studio. "We are excited to leverage our expertise in omni-channel communication to bring this vibrant sport to the forefront of the Indian sports scene. Our approach will blend creative storytelling with strategic insights to foster a strong connection between the league and its fans."

The Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League, a venture initiated by 1X Sportz in association with the Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi Association, aims to showcase and nurture local talent through a structured sports platform. With eight teams competing in a total of 60 matches, the league promises to be a crucible of high-octane Kabaddi action, adhering to a double round-robin format to ensure fair and competitive play.

The league has been strategically developed to reflect the IPL model, offering a significant opportunity for local athletes to gain recognition and develop their skills on a grand stage. "Our partnership with The Hype Studio is crucial in creating a resonant brand identity and a compelling narrative for the Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League," commented Sambhav Jain, founder of 1X Sportz. "Their innovative approach and proven track record in public relations make them the ideal partner to help us realise our vision of making Kabaddi a household sport across India."

As The Hype Studio takes on this mandate, their focus will be on not only promoting the league but also on nurturing a sustainable interest in Kabaddi, enhancing its appeal and accessibility through strategic media placements and captivating digital campaigns.

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