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Tute Consult joins PALOMAR's network to lead its India mandate

The network offers a platform for brands to promote campaigns, integrating global narratives through strategic networking in target markets.

Tute Consult, an independent communications and PR agency from India, introduces PALOMAR, a network of independent agencies united by shared values and a bold vision. PALOMAR serves as the definitive solution, with one platform, one network and as a sole contact point, acting as the reference for clients both globally and locally. It orchestrates every aspect of a clients' requirements, from initial strategy development to meticulous management and execution.

The network aims at providing an all-encompassing offering for brands seeking to foster campaigns with the objective of integrating their global narratives through strategic networking in target markets. Leveraging local partners to establish connections within communities worldwide, it grants client’s access to a global network of experts capable of crafting and managing personalised communications activity for specific territories, all whilst maintaining a complete international prospective and effectiveness in global outreach.

With an international presence stretching from Milan to London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Dubai, New York, Los Angeles and Mumbai, PALOMAR's member agencies bring expertise to the forefront of high-end fashion, beauty, design, lifestyle, and hospitality sectors. The addition of Tute Consult will provide customised solutions to several global brands to build a strong presence in the Indian market which has been showing a promising potential for premium and luxury segments.

PALOMAR blends local insights to develop campaigns that resonate with audiences on both local and global stages.

Offering a suite of services ranging from Strategic PR and Communications Consultancy to Press Office & Showroom, Talent & Influencer Marketing and Social PR & KOL. Its approach ensures that each campaign is designed to maximise impact and relevance, regardless of the geographic location.

Today, PALOMAR's agency network includes Pilot Room (Milan), Alpha-Kilo (London & New York), the Floor X (London), DM Media International, (Paris & Los Angeles), The Communications Lab (Madrid), In House (Madrid), SO PR (Amsterdam), Stephen PR (Dubai), MV PR (New York & Los Angeles), Tute Consult (Mumbai) as members. As the network continues its expansion journey, the goal is to tap into increasingly significant markets, aligning with brand communication and business development strategies.

To succeed in today's ever-changing business of communications, brands must embrace both an international and integrated strategy, linking engagement with local communities, each characterised by unique cultural nuances, consumer behaviours and media landscapes.

Recognising the importance of location-specific expertise within a global framework, PALOMAR addresses these needs through its network of specialised agencies, strategically positioned to understand and engage with diverse audiences.

Delivering experiences customised for each niche, PALOMAR ensures that narratives resound directly with their intended audience, reflecting its commitment to a unified global vision, personalised, and adapted to the specificities of each market, from strategy development to execution.

Komal Lath, founder of Tute Consult shares, “Tute Consult is excited to join hands with PALOMAR and contribute to its vision of impactful global communications. Blended with our experience and expertise, this collaboration will enable us to help international brands navigate cultural nuances and build meaningful connections with Indian consumers, while providing our existing clientele with access to a global network of experts.”

“Pilot Room's vision for establishing PALOMAR focuses on engaging partners with a deep understanding of the international landscape and extensive knowledge of specific markets to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Committed to providing integrated and effective communication solutions, Pilot Room, consistently values localised PR expertise with a global mindset. This allows us to craft campaigns on both local and global scales, tailor-made to individual countries to successfully address brand’s demands. Collaborating with partners aligned with target markets with a tailored, boutique approach to clients, we can develop international and integrated PR strategies that truly resonate within communities worldwide.” says Chiara Fornari, partner at Pilot Room and founder of PALOMAR.

A cohesive and connected ecosystem of communication experts that represents the strength of collective effort and shared purpose within the PR industry, symbolised by its name inspired by a resilient sailor’s knot. Rooted in a culture that values and prioritises relationships, PALOMAR is driven by a unified vision and strives for excellence across all initiatives, experiences, and interactions.

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