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Value 360 Communications bags the PR mandate for Digikore Studios

As part of this synergy, Value 360 will reinforce its corporate image and expanding its visibility in the dynamic VFX market.

In a recent development, Value 360 Communications has bagged the mandate to oversee PR and brand-related activities for Digikore Studios, a leading Visual Effects (VFX) studio based in Pune. As part of this synergy, Value 360 will manage the PR and brand-related duties for Digikore Studios, reinforcing its corporate image and expanding its visibility in the dynamic VFX market.

The association between Value 360 Communications and Digikore Studios is poised to leverage the strengths of both entities, amplifying Digikore's brand narrative and market reach. Value 360 Communications will employ its strategic communication counsel, media relations expertise, and daily visibility enhancement strategies to ensure Digikore Studios garners the attention it deserves in the competitive Visual Effects industry.

Digikore Studios, known for its excellence in delivering top-notch VFX services for Streaming, Television, Film, Commercials, and Virtual Productions, stands at the forefront of the Visual Effects industry. Catering to clients across North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, Digikore Studios boasts a team of skilled VFX professionals and holds the distinction of being security cleared by prominent entertainment giants like TPN, Disney / Marvel, Netflix, Amazon, Paramount, Warner, and Sony.

Abhishek More, founder and CEO of Digikore Studios said, "We are excited to partner with Value 360 Communications to elevate our PR efforts and brand reputation. Their strategic thinking and domain expertise align perfectly with our vision. We believe this collaboration will strengthen our presence and resonate with our audience more effectively."

Vasundhara Singh, senior vice president-New Business & Strategy, Value 360 Communications said, "The opportunity to work alongside Digikore Studios, a stalwart in the VFX industry, is a testament to our commitment to excellence. We are determined to bolster Digikore's brand value through our creative strategies and holistic PR approach. This partnership is an exciting journey that promises mutual growth."

The strategic collaboration comes at a pivotal time in the entertainment industry, with Visual Effects playing a crucial role in delivering captivating content experiences to global audiences. Through Value 360’s tailored PR strategies, Digikore Studios aims to strengthen its foothold in the VFX market, extend its reach to new horizons, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the entertainment landscape.

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