20 years of ITC e-Choupal

An Indian initiative that provided internet access to the farmers of the country & empowered them to improve the quality of agricultural goods & the quality of life for farmers.

Quote from ITC Limited

"Twenty years ago, on June 20th, we took a leap of faith and launched the first ITC e-Choupal in the village of Misrod, Madhya Pradesh. The rest is history! From one computer kiosk in a farmer's home leveraging the power of IT and internet, then still in its infancy, the e-Choupal grew to become a holistic #village #ecosystem helping raise productivity, replenish natural resources and provide efficient market access, empowering over 4 million Indian farmers today. In 2020, e-Choupal rides the digital wave to become even more collaborative, integrated, personal for farmers as we move to e-Choupal version 4.0. Here is a 2-minute video tracing the amazing journey of the e-Choupal!"

(We got this information from a press release.)