Himanshu Arora

The creator economy is already here. Are we ready for it?

Our guest author Himanshu Arora writes about the winning formula to cracking the creator economy.

A new buzzword is taking over social media -  creator economy. A whole bunch of experts are giving their opinions about it, getting into debates and discussions. On the other hand, there's another bunch of people who are still trying to understand the creator economy. 

Content creators, curators, and community builders, such as social media influencers, bloggers, and Videographers; collectively make the creator economy, along with brands, and marketers. Even the makers of content tools who help creators grow and monetise their businesses are part of this universe. Basically, if you are on social media either as the consuming content or one creating it, you are still an integral part of the creator economy.

Even though the creator economy only emerged a decade ago, there are already more than 200 million creators in the world. And the number is growing exponentially. 

To keep it short and straightforward, the world of content creators is now a legit field of work. Gone are those days when kids aspired to become an astronaut. Today, they want to become a YouTuber when they grow up. 

Naturally, with so much spotlight on the creator economy, there's a hoard of information about the same on the Internet. 

While most of the information available online focuses on how to become a successful creator, here's a slightly different question to ponder. Especially for those aspiring creators out there.   

The first thing we must ask is - how should one go about becoming a content creator.

To get this answer, we need to understand the most important thing about this playing field.

The game of content is not like any other game where there's only one and the ultimate winner.

It is our social construct that has ingrained the sense of survival and competition in all of us so deeply that we feel we are practically born with it. 

Today, we can't imagine undertaking an endeavour without thinking about winning or losing. 

Because of that winning or losing, creators are pushing themselves harder than ever. The Content race has become as intense as the F1 race.

Nobody has the time to pause, look around, and notice if everything is going according to plan. The creators fail to check whether they are still on track or if they have lost their way. 

Only 10% of the 200+ million creators who earn $100K or more per year are considered professionals, while the rest fall into the amateur category.

You may wonder, why there's such a distinction. The reason is that professional creators have a different take on content creation, as compared to newbies.

They understand one simple rule of social media success - "In the game of social media, there need not be only one winner."

Here, we can all be winners. To win in any game, there's a set pattern, a set training and a set track and a set field. However, in content, it's the creators who decide the patterns, the style and their individual journeys. They create their own field of play. The only approach that works in this game is being unflinchingly you. It's as simple as that. 

It is your own authenticity that makes you unique, don't ignore it.

The author Himanshu Arora is the founder of Creators Network, a digital marketing agency based in Mumbai.

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