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Triton wins Amoretto's Juice Cafe account

The advertising business (both creative and media) for juice café chain Amoretto’s has moved to Triton, Delhi, from Euro RSCG

The advertising business (both creative and media) for the up-and-coming juice café chain, Amoretto's (owned by Amoretto Retail), has been awarded to Triton Communications, Delhi. The business was earlier with Euro RSCG. The win, however, was not the result of an agency pitch. Gurpreet Wasi, head, marketing, Amoretto Retail, explains, "We parted company with Euro RSCG amicably, and the decision to give the business to Triton was based on my previous experience of working with the agency."

While the size of the business is not very large, the agency is quite excited about the win. The task at hand is to create awareness about the brand - Amoretto's. "The whole objective is to make Amoretto's synonymous with juice and project it an alternative hangout for people who prefer juice to coffee," say Vivek Srivastava, executive director, Triton.

To begin with, print and radio will largely make up the media plan. For the record, the company was set up in July 2002 by Lacoste India's ex-managing director, Jayant Kochar in July 2002 (who was also managing director of coffee retail chain Barista from the concept stage, and was on the company board of directors from its formation in 1999 till September 2002) with support from a USA-based NRI financial investor, Krishen Sud.

The juice café is touted as "a non-alcoholic mocktails, cocktails and shocktails bar", and promoting the Amoretto's fruit juice and smoothies would be the primary objective in the new communication plan. Clearly, the company sees great potential in the fruit juice retail business. "There is a growing segment of population that craves for healthy lifestyle alternatives and fruit juices and smoothies offer just that. The coffee thing cannot be sustained for long without losing its flavour. No wonder even coffee bars are promoting smoothies these days," points out Wasi.

Amoretto's Juice Cafes offer fresh fruit-based juices including pineapple, green apple, papaya, carrot, melon, as well as nutritious smoothies, frozen fruit frappes, Spirulina and wheatgrass shots and light, healthy food. The Amoretto's range also includes desserts and coffee.

But can Amoretto's beat its local competitors - the roadside juice wallas - in terms of price? "Our competition is basically any place that prevents people from hanging around here at the Amoretti's Juice Café. Interestingly, the items on the Amoretto's menu are very competitively priced. While the juices and the smoothies range from Rs 25 to Rs 65, the eatables range from Rs 25 to Rs 45," says Wasi.

Currently, there are nine Amoretto's Juice Café's and kiosks - five in Delhi, three in Mumbai and one in Kolkata. The company is looking to set foot in Bangalore and plans to set up 28 outlets across the country by the end of March 2004. All of these outlets will be owned and managed by the company.

The company as invested Rs 6.5 crore as start-up capital in the venture and plans to invest an additional Rs 10-11 crore in spreading its retail might. © 2003 agencyfaqs!

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