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TV Channels instructed to give monthly reports on ‘Public Service’ content

Starting march 1, the channels have been asked by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to reveal details about their daily ‘public service’ content.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) has instructed TV channels to share details about obligatory ‘public service’ content, starting March 1. 

In the fresh set of guidelines introduced on Monday, the ministry asked channels to show at least 30 minutes of ‘public service’ content everyday, and 15 hours of content monthly. 

The ministry has directed broadcasters to submit a monthly report on the ministry-run Broadcast Seva Portal in the first week of every month. The guidelines have exempted foreign channels downlinking in India and channels broadcasting predominantly sports, devotional, spiritual and yoga content from furnishing the monthly reports on the Broadcast Seva Portal. 

The ministry also insisted that voluntary compliance and self-certification would be the guiding principles.

The theme for the broadcasting should comprise national importance and social relevance, including education and spread of literacy, agriculture and rural development, health and family welfare, science and technology, welfare of women, welfare of the weaker sections of the society, protection of environment and of cultural heritage, and national integration.

The ministry revealed that its subordinate wing Electronic Media Monitoring Centre will keep the record of the content telecast for a period of 90 days. 

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