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Mudra South integrates its creative workforce

In a major push towards superior creative work, Mudra South has regrouped and integrated its creative team structure in the south

In an effort to consolidate its business strategies, Mudra South has regrouped and integrated its creative workforce. Mudra South has four branches – in Hyderabad, Kochi, Chennai and Bangalore. Till recently, all the creatives of these four regions were being supervised out of Bangalore. But there has been a huge surge of business, especially in the Kochi and Chennai branches. Therefore, in order to ensure proper attention to these clients, two of Mudra’s senior creative directors, Sanjay Daiv and Pavi Krishnan, have been placed in the Chennai and Kochi branches, respectively.

Speaking to agencyfaqs!, S Radhakrishnan, executive vice-president and head, Mudra South, says, “In recent times, some of our creatives such as Peter England, McDowell No. 1, Derby Special, Henkel, Cycle, Paragon, Prestige, RmKV and ‘Malayala Manorama’ have been honoured in different awards ceremonies. This has increased the expectations from us. Now, the onus is on us to fly higher from here. The only way we can grow is by delivering good work.”

He adds, “Mudra South has always maintained a customer centric model. The integrated structure, which we are coining, is a step further in the same direction. It will ensure superior work across all the four branches and will act like separate delivery points.”

An enthused Sanjay Daiv says, ‘It is pretty challenging and exciting because Mudra, Chennai, has some very powerful brands such as RmKV and Henko. My task is to work closely with the team and enable the creative work to reach its fullest potential.”

Pavi Krishnan says, “The Kochi market is very different. One cannot afford to assume that what works elsewhere will automatically work in Kochi. The market here is pretty heavy on print. My task is to bring out work that looks good from both an idea perspective as well as art. It definitely helps if you understand the local nuances.”

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