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Where’s the land for the Taj Mahal?

The first ever TVC launched by real estate portal is based on the humorous concept that even Shah Jahan, if he had been living today, would have found it difficult to find a reasonably sized plot of land to build the Taj Mahal

Did the great Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, have a problem finding land to build the Taj Mahal? Probably not. But if he’d been around today, he would have for sure., the real estate portal from the house of Naukri, has woven a story around Shah Jahan, using a humorous approach, in its first ever television commercial.

Sumeet Singh, national head, marketing and corporate communication, Info Edge (India), says, “The TVC is based on the insight that in the present time, it’s very difficult to find a piece of land to build your dream home. People often spend their life looking for one.”

Where’s the land for the Taj Mahal?
Queen Mumtaz is in a sad mood because
she has not got her Taj Mahal
Where’s the land for the Taj Mahal?
A broker with a laptop assures Shah Jahan
of a dream home for his Queen
Where’s the land for the Taj Mahal? Buy. Sell. Rent
The TVC is set in the 21st century and depicts Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal, as the protagonists. The queen uses every opportunity to taunt the emperor about not keeping his promise to build a memorial for her 400 years ago. In a humorous way, the commercial showcases the dearth of space today and the difficulties people face when they start looking for land to build their dream house. The commercial ends with a broker making an entry with his laptop, which is open on

Singh says, “We have been present in the market for the last two years, and we thought this is the right time for brand building. Through this TVC, we wanted to reach out to all three communities – buyer, seller and broker. So, we needed a concept that has universal appeal. What’s better than Taj Mahal?”

The agency was briefed to work on a concept that had universal relevance. That’s when it thought of using the Taj Mahal, a universally admired and loved monument, as a proposition.

“Besides, for the common man, his house is no less than a Taj Mahal, so it served a dual purpose,” says Sanjay Sharma, creative director, FCB Ulka, who conceptualised the film.

Sharma says, “The film depicts shortage of space in a humorous manner. The idea of building a Taj Mahal seems out of the question today and the TVC portrays that aptly.” was launched by Info Edge (India) in September 2005. It is a web portal for buying, leasing and selling all types of residential and commercial properties across the country. The website enables easy access to netizens and allows direct connect with developers, brokers and individuals in cities all over India.

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