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1920 flu pandemic survivor narrates Facebook's ad on giving birth during COVID-19

The ad by Droga5 pays tribute to women who give birth, and couples who become parents, in the middle of a global pandemic.

To become a parent is to embark on a daunting journey filled with equal parts love and responsibility. The feeling of apprehension and nervousness can be amplified in times when the world is battling a pandemic of mammoth proportions. This is a time when the healthcare system is overwhelmed and visiting a healthcare facility means a person has to stay in isolation. This is the focus of Facebook's new ad - women who give birth in the midst of a pandemic. The ad is narrated by Anita Sampson, a 100-year-old woman who lived through the influenza pandemic of 1920.

Sampson talks about the importance of isolation, and that when the pandemic ended, she and her mother entered 'a whole new world'. The ad draws upon imagery from this time (1920) - people wearing face masks and isolating themselves to prevent the spread of the pandemic. The imagery is then contrasted with visuals from the present day Coronavirus pandemic (2020), which, we see, is hauntingly close to the situation in 1920, as a vaccine/cure for the disease has not yet been found.

According to Facebook, nearly 500,000 babies have been born during quarantine in the United States, and the one-minute spot aims to “lift each other up, appreciate the little moments, and find new ways to care for their families and take time for themselves”. The ad by Droga5 is to draw attention to Facebook's new offering - Parent Support Hub. It is a platform that provides new parents with information related to COVID-19 via Facebook's Coronavirus Information Center, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Some resources that parents can access from the hub
Some resources that parents can access from the hub

"Being a parent can be a difficult job. We know parents can have a lot of questions about Facebook. Whether you have a personal account, or your child has one, we've come up with some handy links, tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your experience, and help your child navigate their experience. We hope that you find these resources useful," writes Facebook on the landing site for the Parent Support Hub.

The Hub aims to help parents through all the stages of parenthood - from preparing for the baby's arrival during pregnancy, to helping them cope with stress and mental health during the pandemic. "Whether you’re a new mom, who gave birth during quarantine, a dad looking for supplies and advice, a parent needing a community of support, a caregiver fighting on the frontline, or you’re dealing with COVID-19 at home, you’re not alone," assures Facebook on the site.

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