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Sleepwell: All in the brand name

The mattress brand, Sleepwell, has a set of clutter breaking TVCs which ring in the ear, along with the brand name. afaqs! explores

Nothing beats the communication for a brand that is well expressive of the brand name. The new TV commercials for Sleepwell, the brand of mattresses, have integrated the brand name along with the message in a set of three novel commercials. The creative is a fresh and engaging effort in the mattress category.

The creative bed

One of the three films shows a man cleaning a car till it sparkles – only to realise that it is not his. Another man steps into the frame to stake claim by switching the central locking system of the car. The man who cleaned the car is astonished at his absence of mind. A voiceover plays in the background, along with a super which says, 'It shows when you don't sleep well'. The film ends on the shot of the first man sleeping peacefully on a Sleepwell mattress and the logo of Sleepwell. A voiceover concludes – Wake up Fresh with Sleepwell mattress.

The second commercial shows a lady shopping in a supermarket. While walking down the aisle of the supermarket, she grabs the hand of a child, thinking it to be the hand of her daughter. The cry of the young girl makes the lady realise that she had actually pulled another young girl and not her daughter. Looking around for her daughter, she finds her. The film ends with the voiceover, tagline and logo.

The third film shows a man looking for CDs on his desk. He remembers popping them into the toaster. Subsequently, out they come after a good roast! The film ends on another voiceover, tagline and the logo.

Sleepwell: All in the brand name
The brief given by Sleepwell Mattress to the agency – Rediffusion Y&R – was to bring forth a 'clutter—breaking' and 'dramatic' idea. Manoj Sharma, head, marketing, Sleepwell, reveals that the mattress category (not being a much advertised one) is dormant. "It was to break the boredom of the category which is not being advertised well. We wish to be the market leader, and this gaining of ground in the consumers' mind with a new approach was something we thought could help us," he adds.

According to Abhinav Pratiman, creative director (copy), Rediffusion Y&R, the category players mostly talk about functionality. "It was about time a brand spoke about how a mattress enables the sleep of a person."

Daniel Upputuru, creative director (art) echoes the views of Pratiman.

The insight was based on the fact that lack of quality sleep could bring alertness levels down. "Making silly mistakes in the morning are attributed to lack of good sleep. Considering the overworked lifestyles we all lead, the insight is quite relatable," Pratiman says. He bets on the provocative and humorous approach adopted.

Shot by Vinil Matthew of Footcandles over a period of about three days in Mumbai, Pratiman brings out that the films have been shot in a believable manner and tone – the advertising over performance has been struck off.

Sharma of Sleepwell says that the mattress category being a mix of unorganised and organised markets, the size of the category becomes difficult to determine. However, Kurl On (brand worth Rs 425 crore) is the largest brand in the organised branded mattress segment; Sleepwell (Rs 325 crore) follows, with Springwel and others commanding about Rs 70 crore each.

Sleepwell plans to spend about Rs 10 crore on its advertising and marketing activities, which is almost double of what the brand spent last year.

Sleep well?

Sleepwell: All in the brand name
Sleepwell: All in the brand name
Naresh Gupta, executive vice—president, strategic planning, Publicis India gives a thumbs up to the commercials. "Simple – and they convey what they should convey. Mercifully, you are saved of the techno jargon in the commercial and they are single minded in their approach."

Gupta is aware of the well known fact that if one doesn't sleep well, one is less focused and more prone to making silly mistakes. He feels that the commercials convey the silliness of the mistakes very well.

Ullas Chopra, executive creative director, Capital Advertising, loves the idea too and believes that it is definitely a stand out in the category. "Reason why is a fresh approach," he says.

Speaking on the execution, he says, "It could have been tempting to push the joke. It works so well with its straight treatment."

Moreover, he feels that in a series campaign, one tends to rate one ad over the other. "Happily, all three are equally delightful," he smiles.

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