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Crompton Greaves embraces new identity

The brand has adopted a new logo to project the image of a global player

Electric equipment manufacturer Crompton Greaves has adopted a new logo for the company. The logo sports two equal forces, 'C' and 'G', which unite to create a harmonious 'CG' – illustrating a stronger form – projecting the company as a global player.

Crompton Greaves embraces new identity
Designed by brand consultants chlorophyll, the colours and fonts of the new logo signify the company's traits: passionate, responsive, down-to-earth and trustworthy.

To date, Crompton Greaves' foreign entities had their individual brand names. The first step in the integration involved putting together processes, systems and technologies across all companies worldwide. Secondly, it involved discovering a shared philosophy through which the company could present one unified face to the world and speak with a consistent voice.

Crompton Greaves embraces new identity
To articulate the philosophy – that of value placed on relationships and the ability to provide solutions which, in turn, strengthen these relationships – the company undertook a re-branding exercise with chlorophyll as its branding partner.

"Through our new brand identity, all our companies across the world will articulate our shared philosophy and present one unified face to the world," says Sudhir Trehan, managing director, Crompton Greaves.

Crompton Greaves embraces new identity
Crompton Greaves embraces new identity
Part of the US$3 billion Avantha Group, Crompton Greaves has been expanding its global footprint. In 2005, the company acquired Pauwels, which includes operations in Belgium, Ireland, USA, Canada and Indonesia. In 2006, it bought Hungarian firm Ganz and in 2007, Microsol with operations in Ireland, the USA and the UK. Last year, France's Sonomatra and US-based MSE were also acquired by the company.

"Several years into our acquisition drive, we felt that the company must take on an incarnation that reflects its new multinational, multi-faceted nature," says Gautam Thapar, chairperson, CG. He adds that the new image will draw together all the elements of the company, which now spans nine countries.

So far, the new logo has appeared in TV commercials and in full-page press ads in leading magazines.

Crompton Greaves is a popular Indian player amongst transformer manufacturers. It offers a host of products such as power and industrial transformers, HT circuit breakers, LT and HT motors, DC motors, traction motors, alternators/ generators, railway signalling equipment, lighting products, fans, pumps and public switching, transmission and access products.