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7Up looks new, with heightened lemon cues

PepsiCo India has spent about Rs 25 lakh on the new look of the brand

PepsiCo India has brought in a change in the New Year - an icy lemony look for its brand, 7Up.

A switch in design template - a change in the packaging, including the label and the can - has been undertaken for the brand. The brand's packaging was last refurbished towards the end of 2006.

7Up looks new, with heightened lemon cues
7Up looks new, with heightened lemon cues
Talking about the new guise for 7Up, Alpana Titus, executive vice-president - flavours, PepsiCo India tells afaqs!, "A conscious decision has been taken to take the look to newer heights of lemon refreshment. The lemon cues and lemon colour codes have been heightened in the visual codes."

A Spanish production house, Garrigosa Studio was roped in to create the new look. It took about a month to complete, and involved taking over a thousand pictures of water splashes appearing in the shape of lemons.

Sources reveal that PepsiCo India has spent about Rs 25 lakh on the initiative, which is almost the cost of producing a television commercial.

To unveil the new look, a television commercial has been launched, which will be supported with a special focus on outdoor. The images for the outdoor hoardings have been created using a photographic technology hitherto unused in India.

The new commercial communicates the refreshment that 7Up gives to a couple, who is getting bored in a cafeteria. It takes the viewer on a sensorial ride of lemon refreshment. The film has been conceptualized by BBDO India and produced by Cutting Edge Productions.

7Up looks new, with heightened lemon cues
Speaking about the film, Manoj Deb, executive creative director, BBDO India says, "The challenge for us was to create a look that's fresh and strongly communicates the message that 7Up has natural lemon flavour. Keeping in mind that pictures speak louder than words, especially in the OOH medium, we created water splashes in shape of lemon slices, which made them visually delightful. Such a look is distinctly different from what others have attempted in the category."

Titus reveals that the company is looking at a selective number of outdoors across their core markets, but is definitely high on quality. The markets include Bengaluru, the top five cities in Gujarat, Karnataka, UP, Gurgaon, Kanpur, Ghaziabad, Meerut, NOIDA, Mumbai, Delhi, Jamshedpur and Ranchi.

Apart from television and outdoor, other collaterals would also find place in the mix. This will include on-ground activation, inducing trial-driving refreshment and highlighting the new look. Titus reveals that specific consumer engagement programmes have been put in place for the core markets.

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